Treasure of the Soviet movie “Diamond hand” half a century had passed

PHOTO : TASS / Valentin Mastyukov


The movie “the diamond arm” was a half-century. The Soviet film was one of the five best films in the history of Soviet cinema. Yes, and the number of quotes she is an absolute record. On how filming “the diamond arm”, and what difficulties had to face the actors, tells the correspondent of TV channel “MIR 24” Anastasia lihodedova.

This Comedy every Soviet citizen could quote by heart. The phrase “I’m not a coward, but I’m afraid”, “Tsigel, tsigel-Ah-Lu-Lu” and “Russo turisto!” used so far.

It all began with a newspaper article. Playwrights Yakov kostyukovskiy and Moris Slobodskoy read in the “Truth” about Swiss smugglers who invented to transport the gold and diamonds in the cast. The writers liked the idea, only the Swiss citizen was replaced by the Soviet one.

Yuri Nikulin – brilliant Soviet Comedy. What Seeds Gorbunkova will play it, directed by Leonid Gaidai, I knew from the very beginning. Wrote the script specifically for him.

Thanks Nikulin in “Diamond hand” was a lot of circus tricks. Among them were truly dangerous. For example, this one, with the crane almost deprived the artist of life.

“Almost killed him. It really was. He had a concussion, because the crane operator there’s gape: “Oh, a movie shoot,” and fired the arrow and the base of the skull, father,” recalls the son of Yuri Nikulin Maxim Nikulin.

But the hero Nikulina seduced one of the most sexy girls of the Soviet Union Svetlana Svetlichnaya. Although part of her argued with a creak. Said: too beautiful not Soviet-style seductive. And actress by nature, on the contrary was very modest.

“She was embarrassed, of course. Asked out all who are not engaged [in the scene], lighting – to turn away,” – said the Director of photography of the film “the diamond arm” Igor Chernykh.

The role of GeSHi considered the two contenders – George Vitsin and Andrei Mironov. The arts Council was on the side of vizina.

“But then I told him I balked and said I think Vitsin too old for this role and then it will be some iteration of a coward. Then, he plays the same always, but Mironov is going to be something new fresh,” said film historian Aleksandr Shpagin.

And it worked. Such elegant and yupster criminals of the Soviet screen has never known. Especially remembered signature gesture, which Gesha threw back the bangs from his forehead. Mironov was watching him from his friend of the actor Mikhail Vorontsov.

But people’s love for the film came under a barrage of criticism. Criticized actors: Nikulin correspond, Mironov APE scolded invalid for Soviet morality erotica. Thunder story, script and songs. Wrote that no one will ever sing. And they began to sing and sing until now.

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