Treated as the other

Traité comme les autres

RIMOUSKI | What improvements Alexis Lafrenière he made to his game since it evolves with the Océanic de Rimouski ? His coach Serge Beausoleil, which combines also the functions of director-general of the organization rimouskoise, tells a story in response.

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“On his arrival, I told him that the greatest service I could render him was to treat on the same footing as his team-mates, says Beausoleil.

“I told him, when he’d turn left instead of going right, I would be on the back. “

Things have been difficult during the first few months.

“Alexis had never heard of defensive coverage in his area, continues Beausoleil.

“He had to learn to be well positioned now his stick on the ice. He has improved his game without the puck, and when to best do that, it shows the path to the other.

“He has made great strides at this level. It is the same thing in regards to his diet, his studies and his relationships with his teammates. “

The benefits of humility

But if there is one thing, Lafrenière is not a hothead. His parents have instilled the virtues of humility. They have even refused that their son will be upgraded so that it evolved at the level bantam AAA with the Lords of the Thousand Islands.

“His parents felt that he had to play in his age group,” explains Beausoleil.

Some parents of players gifted insist that their boy be given status as a exceptional player. We sometimes see it in the junior ranks. In Quebec, Joe Veleno, which evolves in the organization of the Detroit Red Wings, has been one of the most recent. He had joined the Seadogs St.John is 15 years old.

“It doesn’t always nice stories, recalls Beausoleil.

“It is very delicate. Players of this type are the subject of expectations overvalued. We want the best to be good. ”

This is the case of Lafreniere, of which it is said since three years ago that it will be the first choice of the vintage 2020 the draft of the national hockey League.

“Alexis has the talent, but he behaves humbly, resumes Beausoleil.

“This is a good team-mate. It is easy to navigate. He wants to be the player that makes the difference. I’ve never had problems with him.

“We are doing the day to day management with our players. We learn how to live in community. It is a micro-society here. All players must be on the same wavelength. “

Not a natural in the classroom

Beausoleil adds that Lafrenière also puts efforts in everything that he does outside of the rink, whether at the gym or at school.

“It has never been easy at school level,” he said.

“It has never been his priority, but it does double duty. I appreciate what he’s doing in this sense. “

Beausoleil is aware of the matter since he has been a professor of history at the Séminaire Saint-François, Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, near Quebec city.

Still pure

All in all, Lafrenière is the ideal-type to direct it to a coach.

“Better hold that push, connects Beausoleil.

“It sometimes has to protect Alexis from himself. The fatigue caught up with him on the mental level, when it in fact too much. I can tell after five minutes if it’s going to be a big game or not.

“It’s been three years that I directed. I know all its faults and all its qualities. When he gets up on the bench, I know he wants to jump on the ice. “

But Lafrenière has still the character of the teenager who had to leave the family home at age 15 to pursue his dream in the Bas-Saint-Laurent.

“This is a guy very attractive, continues Beausoleil.

“He has a beautiful unconsciousness and a purity that is not altered at the time when we talk. It would be lying [to say] that he does not feel the huge issue that is behind all this. But, somewhere, it has a detachment that is healthy, I think. ”

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