Trendy But Useful Phone Cases for Samsung Phones: Tech News, Firstpost

Trendy But Useful Phone Cases for Samsung Phones: Tech News, Firstpost

Soft cover
If you are looking for a soft and flexible back cover for your Samsung M31, then the Amazon brand Solimo mobile cover is for you. The case comes in black color and is sure to make your phone look its best. Also, the cutout on the headphone cover and other outlets is pretty accurate, making it a useful buy. If you are looking for a basic back cover, this is for you.

For people who prefer to keep the cover simpler, a transparent back cover would be the most suitable. The KloutCase back cover is transparent and offers a non-slip function. Also, its light weight doesn’t make the phone feel heavy. If you are looking for a phone case that prevents your phone from accidentally slipping out of your hand while allowing you to see the original color and is easy to carry, then this is the product you are looking for.

Sturdy construction
TheGiftKart is a mobile back cover for Samsung Galaxy M02s. This robust armor case has a rugged construction that provides comprehensive protection for your phone. It has raised lips on the front and back to provide adequate camera and screen protection. It has an innovative ring holder design that is highly adjustable, allowing you to hold the phone with extreme ease and comfort. The built-in stand gives you a hands-free experience while watching any movie or video content. A high quality metal plate is installed in this case which makes it compatible with that magnetic car mount in your car.

Matte look
It has a new color button design on the back cover only for Samsung Galaxy M02s. Mobbysol contains high-quality polycarbonate and TPU materials, soft sides and corners create enhanced safety during drops and falls. It has a matte back, prevents fingerprints and enhances the look of your smartphone while protecting it from scratches and other damages. It is made of non-slip material.