The medical team from the Detroit hospital name Henry Ford held 17-year-old patient first double lung transplant, which was damaged as a result of vaping. It was an extreme step – without it, a young man was doomed.
According to doctors, he spent a month on life support after a complete lung failure, writes Before the disease the teenager was an athlete with excellent health, but in early September was in the hospital with pneumonia. For several weeks his condition became so severe that he was at the top of a national list of transplant patients, where most patients spend months waiting for a donor.
“What I saw in his lungs, I’ve never seen before, even though I do lung transplants for 20 years, said Hasan Nemah, surgical Director of the hospital for the transplant of that organ. – There was a lot of inflammation and scarring in addition to the many spots of dead tissue. Very easy was so hard that we could hardly get it out of my chest. It is an evil that I have not experienced before.”
According to the Centers for control and prevention of diseases associated with vaping disease has killed at least 39 people and undermined the health of more than 2,000 people since the end of March, when it began to grow the number of users of wapow suffering from symptoms similar to pneumonia. “Such tragedies are preventable. This pointless product need to fight,” added Nemeh. He and other doctors involved in the transplant, refused to tell used adolescent THC or nicotine preparations, when he had the symptoms, saying that they want to protect the privacy of the family.
After his breathing problems worsened rapidly, the patient connected to the ventilator, and a week later was transferred to the hospital of Michigan. There he was connected to life support apparatus for maintaining the heart and lungs. The teenager was close to death, when the doctors made a desperate step, adding it to the list of people in need of urgent transplantation. Then the patient would be taken to hospital Henry Ford in the hope that surgeons can perform the surgery in time.
Now, almost a month after a successful operation, the teenager is on the mend, though still feeling very weak. Family members hope that the operation will light the danger of vaping, which is becoming increasingly popular among middle and high school. “Within a very short period of time our life is forever changed – said in a statement the family released through the hospital. Our son is from ordinary life of a perfectly healthy 16-year-old athlete visits to schools, walks with friends, swimming, video games – went to need to experience a long and painful recovery with two new lungs”.
Long-term prognosis is still unclear. According to Lisa Allenspach, medical Director of the lung transplant program at the hospital of Henry Ford, the average survival of people who receive this type of transplant is about 7 years. But many patients live 15 to 20 years or more – depending on many factors. “Given the youth of the patient, we hope he will be alive and healthy for a long time,” she said. The family has decided to hire a Lung Disease Lawyer to look into the effects of vaping and to see if these companies fully disclose all the threats.
The emergency operation highlighted the seriousness of the crisis in connection with the growing popularity of vaping. After several months of searching for the root causes, scientists have identified the likely culprit – acetate is vitamin E, which has a tendency to settle in the lungs. Experts have found that the sticky substance used as a thickener in many products of THC on the black market, in all 29 samples of the fluid of the lungs, which they have collected for patients who died due to vaping. Although these results do not rule out other causes of the disease.

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