Tribal King: Nony tells the story of his crossing of the desert between depression, anxiety attacks, and debts

Nony, a member of the Tribal King, has spent not counting the 500,000 euros earned thanks to its tube Way sex. — Screen Capture Youtube / Nony Music

Nony, one of the two members of the Tribal group King, known for his tube Way Sex, said that he had hit rock bottom before they finally succeed to go up the slope.

With his friend David, the one whose real name is Anthony Kruger was successful and the money in 2006 before falling back into anonymity, which has had serious consequences for the young man.

He was relying on “Secret Story”, in which he returned at the beginning of September, to come back in the light but was ousted very quickly from the House of secrets.

I say all ! Thank you @samzirah for this itw ☺

— Nony (@AnthonyKrugerAK) October 8, 2017
“I fell into a nasty depression”

In an interview with WebSam and uploaded to YouTube this Sunday, Nony explains that it is in 2016 that the failure of the duo has really caught up. “I fell into a nasty depression. I didn’t expect this to happen to me, because I’m still a beating. (…) One night, I woke up, I fell into the apples, the desires of puke…, “says the artist, who also speaks of the” crises of anguish “.

If the singer is found in this situation is that, despite a second single, a tour and an album, the Tribal King has not managed to last. With, the key, the tensions between the two states, which have finally separated.

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He has earned more than 500,000 euros through Way sex

“It is when there is more money and more media coverage than you realize that there is a small problem “, analysis Nony. And money, the young man has not failed after Way sex, which she has been more than 500.000 euros.

A capital that the person “assumed” to have ” not managed “. “I thought I was rich, so I spent without counting. I was 20 years old. (…) We used to go out all the time, in Monaco… It is always me who rinsed out, it goes fast, 2.000 euros per night… “, explains the singer, who, caught by the tax, found himself in debt.

He writes new songs

Today, Nony said, it goes better with his entourage. “I had the chance to meet a girl who supported me. (…) I am lucky to have friends around me, it is important not to be alone in these moments, ” says the artist.

After its quick passage in the Secret Story, he is currently recording songs written during the hard period he has crossed.

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