Tribute to Fredy Villanueva: home cold police

Photo: Annik MH de Carufel Le Devoir
In tribute of Fredy Villanueva, a child holds up a sign during a memorial walk in 2011, in Montreal-North.

The Brotherhood of police of Montreal has booked a frosty reception at the suggestion of Valerie Plant, honor the memory of Fredy Villanueva, shot dead by a police officer in a park in Montreal North in 2008. The Brotherhood has called “a message strange and ambiguous” about the mayor, and recommends to re-read the coroner’s report published in 2013 on the death of the young man.


Challenged by a citizen, Solo Fugère, at the meeting of the city council Monday evening, Valerie Plant, had declared in favour of a tribute to Fredy Villanueva, ” a young man who did not deserve to die “. It was suggested that the mayor of Montréal-Nord, Christine Black, and they agree to a project, a mural, or something else.


On Tuesday, the mayor reiterated his intention, seeing it as a way to “heal the wounds” in the wake of this dramatic event. “This is a project requested by the community, a project of reconciliation very simple to build bridges between communities,” she explained.


She recalled that in its report tabled in September last year, the commission focused on the fight against the profiling of social and racial had recommended improved practices at the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM).


“The police officers of the SPVM […] is doing a great job on the field, but we can always improve our practices “, stressed the mayor.


The coroner’s report of


The montreal police Brotherhood does not see the situation the same eye. The police operation that resulted in the death of Fredy Villanueva was analyzed under all its seams by a coroner and two police officers involved in the intervention have not previously received a reprimand, stressed the president of the Brotherhood, Yves Francoeur, by way of a press release : “It might be useful for the mayor to read or reread the coroner’s report. “According to him, it is not a subject that we can deal with” approximate “.


In passing, Mr. Francoeur has been reported that there was ” virtually no trace in the public space in montreal as 71 police officers died in service to Montreal over the years “.


In the office of the mayor Christine Black, it is stressed that the consultations on the redevelopment of the parc Henri-Bourassa, where took place the tragedy there nearly 10 years, have highlighted deep divisions in the population about the events surrounding the death of Fredy Villanueva.


Prior to becoming mayor of Montreal North, in 2016, Ms. Black was in favour of retaining the memory of Fredy Villanueva to be honored. But at the time, she was the director of the youth Centre l’escale.


It must now take account of the opinion of all the citizens of the borough, has submitted his cabinet director, Dominique DeBrosse : “This is an issue that is very delicate and very polarizing for the citizens of Montréal-Nord. “


Mrs. Black invites, however, Valérie Plant to come to Montreal-North for the meet, but also to have discussions with the officers of the post 39 and the citizens.

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