Tribute to the brave

Tribute to the brave

So much ink has flowed to report and deplore the behavior of the conspirators that we end up forgetting to highlight the contribution of all these people who contribute, with courage and benevolence, to the fight against the spread of this damn virus.

You don't need to be a hero or a heroine to contribute to this struggle, it should be remembered. But to be selfless in a situation as difficult as the one imposed on us by COVID, it still takes courage.

Small pleasures

This means canceling meetings with people you love, trips to enjoy the fall colors, outings to bars and restaurants.

To put an end to all those little pleasures in life that make our individual happiness, for the good of the community.

To sacrifice part of our freedom because the health situation requires it, even if we are depressed, weep with discouragement, we are afraid and can no longer be plunged into this whirlwind of misfortune.

To respond to the call to “I contribute” to participate in screening efforts despite the risks.

These sacrifices that the majority of people selflessly make have the power to prevent people from getting sick and, in some cases, dying.

It could be you or a loved one. Or that woman you hang out with at the gym. The man you serve at the restaurant every week. Their children. Their parents. So much people.

Take two

Already this spring, the spread of the virus imposed restrictions that represented so many constraints, which kind of put our lives on hold.

Everyone is hoping that this virus will be knocked out very soon. Every little sacrifice we make helps. It feels good to remember that, and to support each other, all together, the better to win.

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