Troops in the Donbass and the trouble is in the budget. The main events of Ukraine for a week from the experts

Войска в Донбассе и беда в бюджете. Главные события Украины за неделю от экспертов

© RIA Novosti, the stringer the Beginning of November was not too rich political events. Whether Ukrainian politics after the President Zelensky tired, or gaining strength for decisive action. However, do not miss prihodilost to rage of passion within the party “servant of the people”, the people around Poroshenko are searched, himself the fifth President to rewrite his “Roshen” on the son, and to the current President gives a second series of “monoenergy”, sitting behind the wheel of the electric car “Tesla”.

The most important events of the Ukrainian political week for the publication of analyzed the political experts.

To separate the troops need, but many do not want

The head of the Center for applied political studies “Penta” Volodymyr Fesenko , the main call ended to the beginning of the week the divorce of troops in Gold. In General, the problems of the Donbas crisis is the main challenge for the political leadership and the country as a whole, said the scientist.

“Expectations of progress in the peaceful settlement of all parties, but I wouldn’t define them as optimistic. And with that, and on the other hand there are opponents of the withdrawal in particular, and the peaceful settlement as a whole.

It is no secret that many political forces from the Ukraine and the unrecognized republics do not want a ceasefire on the contact line, as the end of the conflict”, — said Fesenko.
Therefore, he continued, we observed regularly and failures of the cease-fire, and opposition to the disengagement. And then it will be much harder to agree on action to escalate the conflict, and to translate these agreements into life: the main reason is that both sides don’t trust each other.

“But even this is not the most important thing. The problem is that if now bred troops in areas having special strategic value, after will focus on the more important points. For example, for the Ukrainian side it is very important to understand how the situation will develop in the vicinity of the village of Shyrokyne on the South of the Donetsk region, where there is a height, of strategic importance for defense of Mariupol”, — said the expert.

On the way to a meeting in the “Norman format”

Breeding forces under the Gold mentioned political expert Daniel Bogatyrev. In his opinion, breeding showed the immutability of the course of the President’s Office to attempt to perform at least partially the Minsk agreement.

“With regard to the possibility of the items of the disengagement, the ceasefire, possible further lifting of the trade embargo with the non-government controlled areas of Donbas is, from my point of view, it is possible. I think that the President’s Office is working on this”, — said Bogatyrev.

Soon are likely to begin breeding under Petrovsky, and this will significantly bring us closer to meeting in the “Normandy format,” predicts the analyst.

“We have seen that Avakov with his “Ncorpus” more or less agreed with Zelensky. There were rumours even that he has demanded a quota of several regional governors, in particular, Kharkov, Odessa and Kiev. It’s speculation and rumors, but in principle this is possible.Indeed, the newly appointed Governor of Kharkiv region Avakov close to, so in this situation, the rumors are true. Well as obstacles in the face of nationalists and provocateurs no, it’s likely that breeding will take place”, — said the expert.

Insoluble contradictions

At the same time, in political terms, no progress on the Donbas is not observed, said Vladimir Fesenko. He is not inclined to expect any breakthroughs in the near future in that direction.

“The key contradiction here is the diametrically opposed positions of Ukraine and Russia about the status of the uncontrolled part of Donbass. In other words — who should get the so-called special status”, — said the analyst.

In addition, there are a lot of questions on the elections, which are supposed to be the Minsk agreements, the expert added.

“Who will conduct these elections? Who will exercise control over the electoral process? And a lot of other associated problems. It should be understood that all this is possible only after a complete ceasefire, to what is far”, — said Fesenko.

The state budget for 2020: the incompetence of the government…

Political scientist, expert of the Institute of policy analysis and management Mr Rein believes the major event of the week, the adoption of the state budget in 2020.

“This event demonstrated, on the one hand, the skill level of all power, government, inclusive, indicated activity in various areas. That is where the direction in which the current government is going to lead the country.

Many things we saw in this budget, although did not see the main: what is the economic model will be incorporated in the development of the country in the coming years”, — said Will.
On the one hand, can see all the problems that are outlined in the budget. For the shiny statements of record allocations in the budget really lies a lot of problems. This document, on the one hand, describes the measure of the competence of the government, on the other — the parameters of what and how to do government next year.

“At the presentation of the budget in Kiev during the press conference of the Prime Minister became clear the fact that the people who run the country, no proper strategic vision in order to form some kind of harmonious holistic concept of development of the country.

Maybe they are experts for projects, but this is the next level in the management pyramid. Holistic system approach, adequate public tasks there. Even if you take the history of census, it shows that put the horse behind the cart”, — said the analyst.

…and Kharkiv shock Zelensky

The government is preparing to receive a new cooperation program with the IMF, it will be the budget belt-tightening, austerity, predicts Will.

In this context it is also important the President’s visit to Kharkiv, where he was horrified to the real state of defense enterprises, plus his last video message, where he threatens to dismiss Ministers.

“Although, again, the President under the Constitution, no one can dismiss, he can go to a view that should be considered by the Verkhovna Rada and vote. So we see that the President is outrageous, and his intentions are not consistent with the Constitution and the distribution of tasks to the Cabinet of Ministers — is not its competence”, — said the analyst.

Zelensky says with people of “Tesla”Volodymyr Fesenko also mentioned another video of the President Zelensky to the people of Ukraine.

“The President found a very interesting genre of communication with the community. A kind of “Monologue in Tesla” is gradually becoming his hallmark. Something like radiobased Franklin Roosevelt fireside”, — said the expert.

He thinks it’s a good idea to neoficialnaja conversation with the citizens on current topics, during which mild is the President formulates his position on the most important political issues.

“I am convinced that this format will be an occasion for heated discussion among the political class and ordinary citizens precisely because of its trivial”, — concluded Fesenko.Source

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