Trout exports: Kyrgyzstan will feed fish EEU countries

PHOTO : MIR / Alan Kaziev


In Kyrgyzstan appeared a large farm, which supplies trout to Russia. This is the first and only company that came to the markets outside the country. Quality products appreciated by the correspondent channel “WORLD 24” Chinara Sydykova.

One of the large farms in the North of the Republic. Nearly three dozen ponds filled with fish. Five years ago this place was a swamp. Now here bred rainbow trout.

“In this pond we have about 10 tons of trout with an average weight of 1.5 kg. It is roughly 8 thousand fish. Our day starts with feeding fish, daily feeding four times a night to three times. Are the floodlights,” said an employee of the fisheries argan Tokombaev.

Sea trout are in the care of fifty employees, the food, monitor the temperature of the water. The fact that the fish has reached a marketable and a half years. First, the family business of Sadykovich provide products only to the local market. Now the company is successfully working for export. Kyrgyz trout appreciated by the citizens of the EAEU.

“The first month was planned at 10 tons, our partners are asking 40-50 tons per month. In terms of next month 40 tons to supply. At the moment, from 16 to 32 tons to be sent,” said the owner of the fisheries Kubanychbek Sydykov.

“The size of the fish over two pounds. The fish is fresh, alive,” says a buyer from Russia Grigory Leleka.

Gregory Leleka every month come here for the fish from Novosibirsk. Overcomes the 5 thousand kilometers. Kyrgyz trout entrepreneur supplies to the trading network of the native city and the nearest regions of Russia.

“Customers are a good buy. The quality of processing in Kyrgyzstan – one of the best. Here are the shock chambers, minus 40 frozen. In Kyrgyzstan, many trout farms we looked that I was not” – says the businessman.

Still fish production in Kyrgyzstan was the leading sector. Rainbow trout was brought in the times of the Soviet Union, but after the collapse has stopped and the development of the economy. To revive the industry began in 2006. Now it sees a lot of potential.

“Basically, we have only Chui oblast is interested, and there are prospects to develop agriculture and in Naryn oblast. There is everything there, good water, spring mostly. Our products have Peter interested, Novosibirsk, we have fish environmentally friendly, they are running. When the water is flowing, the taste of the fish is natural, therefore, Russia is interested in us,” said Sidikov.

In the Republic, more than 1.5 thousand households. Annually they produce nearly 500 tons of trout.