“Truck of death” showed the scale of the slave trade in Europe

«Грузовик смерти» показал масштабы работорговли в Европе

The British police continues to investigate a terrible tragedy – the deaths of dozens of illegal migrants who came to Europe from China. However, it is difficult to argue that the incident is just a tragic accident. Most likely, before us a small glitch perfectly tuned system for the supply of modern slaves in EU countries.

For the endless disputes of Eastern and Western Europeans about whether to accept migrants to the EU territory and what to do with them, all the while slipping the criminal background of this story. In fact, large-scale “migration” has become a powerful business that protect criminal clans throughout Europe.

It is no less beneficial than drug-dealing or pimping, especially since these themes in criminal business are closely intertwined. Migrants used to transport drugs and prostitution and just for slave labor.

The official language is called “human trafficking”, but in fact, it is banal the slave trade – roughly in the same form that was practiced by Europeans three hundred years ago. Inevitable part of the slave trade are significant losses during the transport of “live goods”. In XVIII-XIX centuries in particularly unfortunate cases, the ships that carried the blacks across the Atlantic, has lost up to 50% slaves. Standard loss was 10-20%.

A few days ago, modern traffickers made a rare blunder, even by the standards of old school slave trade. From the party in 39 illegal Chinese migrants, whom they transported to the truck-the refrigerator from Belgium to England, killing all 39. Apparently, they froze – the temperature in the container was minus 25 degrees, and they held it no less than 15 hours. Their cries no one heard due to the soundproofing. The truck driver parked the car briefly to fill the directions, opened the door and fainted.

The bodies were discovered in England, near the town of grace. However, in England the “truck of death” sailed on the ferry from Belgium. The police of both countries is trying to understand where occurred the death of people.

Interest and the identity of the driver of the refrigerator. 25-year-old Maurice Robinson was born and lives in Northern Ireland. There were active criminal group, organizing large-scale traffic of illegal immigrants across the border with England.

The reason for this has largely been the ambiguous status of Northern Ireland. On the one hand, it is part of the UK. On the other, they have opened the border with Ireland. This is turning Northern Ireland into a gray area where it is easy to get around and the British and European laws. Naturally, there is a thriving smuggling and drug trafficking. In recent years, these businesses have increased and human trafficking. Last year alone, smuggling live goods increased by 25%.

Organizes human trafficking is a real international criminal. Gangs from Nigeria is transported African boys and girls in close conjunction with the local Irish clans. Competition Nigerians are Vietnamese and Albanian groups. There are questions also to the police, traditionally roof industries such as smuggling, drugs and organization of brothels. Because despite the fact that Northern Ireland had become the largest slave market in Europe, law enforcement agencies are struggling with this phenomenon as a sluggish.

In late September, police busted a brothel in the suburbs of Belfast, which contained nelegalka, working in the field of sex services. Was arrested the Manager of the brothel, but no way a real business owner, the police was not there. On a similar prosecution detained the lady from Antrim. Five more people took just as the clients of prostitutes. Served it in the press as a great achievement in the fight against human trafficking and slavery. However, there was not the slightest attempt to disturb the real owners of this large-scale business. After serving them, most likely, “zits-chairmen”.

No wonder that the Irish origin of the driver of the refrigerator truck made the police suspect him of being a member of such a gang and knew what cargo transports. On the other hand, speaks in his favor that, when she started the truck and saw the bodies, he called the ambulance, and then, according to witnesses, lost consciousness.

Has alerted the police and that during his flight Robinson post in your instagram some mysterious jokes about the “polar Express”.

However, if he were involved, he probably wouldn’t have been so careless. In General, Robinson continued to question, his apartment was searched, and Chinese diplomats have already left the place and trying to understand how their compatriots were even in the refrigerator floating on the ferry from Belgium to England.

It is already clear that the Chinese began their journey through Europe, sailed to the Bulgarian port of Varna. From there they were flown to the other end of Europe in Belgium. In the Belgian port of Zeebrugge they managed to sneak into the refrigerator and hide there. Then the refrigerator was loaded onto the ferry, and when he sailed into the English port of Purfleet, took it to your tractor Mo Robinson.

Among the 39 dead were 31 men and eight women. Traditionally, criminal groups trafficked Chinese in England, where make them work in the service sector and prostitution. Pay them no, of course, is not supposed to, it’s the classic slave labor for shelter and food.

This tragedy affects her routine. The recent crisis of migrants at some time revealed the scale of the problem, but it was quickly ousted from the sphere of media attention. Meanwhile, according to official estimates, over the past quarter century on the road in Europe killed more than 34 thousand workers – more than a thousand people a year. In fact, the real figure is much more – people are dying without documents and without a trace.

In the midst of the invasion of refugees every summer in the Mediterranean sea, drowning hundreds of migrants, among whom were women and children. Only from 2013 to 2017 in the sea killed more than 2,600 people. The EU has allocated to the Libyan authorities (and after the killing of Gaddafi, the country has become a major center of the slave trade in Africa) 2 billion euros for the solution of this problem.

Libya has decided her kind. The migrants do have less to sink in European territorial waters. But now they are dying EN masse in the territorial waters of Libya. It is also one of criminal schemes. Sometimes the bandits easier to take migrants ‘ money, promising to send them to Europe, and then just give them the boats, which sink on the way.

To the migrant crisis such tragedies also happened regularly. In 2000, the Dutch driver was carrying 60 Chinese illegal immigrants in the port and closed the only air vent in the container where they were sitting.

In the Dutch port, the container was loaded onto a ferry and sent to the English Dover. In Dover it was opened. It turned out that 58 of the 60 people suffocated to death. The driver was sentenced to 14 years for manslaughter, but who was the customer and the organizer of the carriage, to find out and failed.

Since established a pipeline of human traffic continued to go to England from the continent. Recently, the gang avoid to bring illegal immigrants via Dover – there are too many checks. Instead, they learn small ports type of Purfleet. Upon arrival in the United Kingdom irregular migrants are gratuitous labor for the same criminal gangs. They sell drugs, prostitution, working in restaurants and hotels belonging to the “authoritative” businessmen.

Their working conditions are often terrible, obviously this is absolutely not what they had hoped, leaving the country and giving all his savings to criminals, just to get to the promised land of Europe. In 2004, 21 Chinese migrant who worked at the Lancashire criminal authority had to collect mussels during high tide. Not being able to get to shore, they all died.

The story of the “death truck” – a sign not only of archaization of social life in which the slave-trade in Europe is perceived as something normal. This is a symptom of the fact that the EU economy creates accelerated pace. The criminal authorities with impunity, prey on human trafficking, and it is also no surprise. No wonder in many European countries and then POPs up the idea to consider the income from traditional criminal activities – prostitution and drug trafficking in the national GDP. This side of European life increasingly resembles the dystopian world of “Game of thrones” than the gold standard of democracy and human rights