Trudeau asks men to speak out against violence against women

Photo: Darryl Dyck, The canadian Press
The prime minister Justin Trudeau

Toronto — The prime minister Justin Trudeau believes that men need to do more to end violence against women.


According to him, such violence is a violation of the rights of the person. He adds that men must “be held accountable to each other” to eliminate behaviors that harm women.


He urged the men to stand up to defend the rights of women, to denounce violence and to promote the leadership of women in all spheres of our society.


Mr. Trudeau has also pointed out that the gender-based violence ” affects in a different way, and disproportionately the most vulnerable, including transgender women, aboriginal women, women of color, women, low-income, refugee and displaced women and other “.


The office of the prime minister published Saturday, this declaration on the occasion of the international Day for the elimination of violence against women.


This statement echoes the many denunciations of assault or sexual misconduct in several sectors of human activity such as the cinema and the arts.


“To put an end to gender-based violence, we need to transform our culture that devalues women and denies their voice. Together, we need to question the prejudices and the inequalities that allow violence to be perpetuated. […]. To change this reality, we must actively seek to hear the voices and needs of women, especially those who are most on the margins of society, ” said the prime minister.


This week, representatives of 16 organizations, including the union of canadian actors ACTRA, Academy of canadian cinema and television, as well as the directors Guild, met with a moderator and a few lawyers, Thursday, to discuss of sexual harassment, discrimination, intimidation and violence on the occasion of a meeting of five hours, which was held behind closed doors in Toronto.

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