Trudeau centralist

Trudeau centralisateur

Hunt the natural, it returns at the gallop. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the federal government had been cautious with respect to the provinces.

Or even hesitating, even in its responsibilities evident in times of crisis (international borders, state of emergency), what I pointed out Monday, the constitutionalist Patrick Taillon at QUB radio.

However, in the last few days, Justin has revealed his side with Trudeau. Not the “cutting-edge” of the father – “Just watch me” – that of the war measures Act. Not, a other : encroachment shamelessly fields of provincial jurisdiction (health, education, property and civil law).

In this case, the reflex trudeauiste leads to untie the cords of the federal awards of an almost unlimited way.

I hear some me to retort : “who cares about the order of the government which intervenes ! The important thing is that citizens receive assistance. “

Yes, of course, during a crisis, one wants action, and soon. Nobody will deny that. Ottawa, it seems, has an ability to spend unlimited.

Plan competition

But there are the after-crisis ! And in a federation, nothing is simple. The orders of government are in competition : one wonders frequently which must act.

This situation may serve the citizens. But it can also lead to costly duplication, sterile, or even downright harmful.

For example, federal aid to students (in the field of provincial education), announced this week, will undermine the efforts of the government Legault to encourage them to pick fruits and vegetables this summer.

In addition, the crises have often been – especially for the federal government – a way to forever change the balance of the federation. In 1940, there amenda the Constitution to grant him unemployment insurance.

During a crisis, “it is often the most voluntary and the most active […] who manages to impose his vision of federalism,” underlines professor Taillon.


In march, while Ottawa was hesitant to close the borders with the United States, the provinces have taken the lead in blocking the entry into their territory. Gesture without a doubt unconstitutional, but that is justified in a context where the provinces have the primary responsibility for the health of the population. Ottawa did not flinch from elsewhere.

I hear you again : “there is in Québec that we ask these stupid questions ! “Uh… in the United States, where Donald Trump has claimed that he had the right to” re-open the States ” in which the governors responded to him to go drink the disinfectant (finally, it wanted to say that…) or read the Constitution.

Let’s go back to the Dominion. In the after-COVID-19, we will be different, the meaning here and there. Is this to say that Ottawa, for example, will the social assistance (Benefit canadian emergency being the embryo of a minimum guaranteed income, according to the prof Taillon) and homes of old ?

Ottawa would transfer tax points to Quebec, as it did in the 1960s. And resist the temptation to compress even the health transfers to the provinces in order to reduce its deficits and its debt.

What we might call the syndrome, Christian-Martin.

The natural, what.

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