Trudeau defends its balance sheet with effect

  • Photo Le Journal de Québec, Guillaume St-Pierre
    The prime minister Justin Trudeau spoke to the parliamentary press Tuesday in Ottawa before the summer break.

    Guillaume St-Pierre

    Tuesday, 27 June 2017 14:41

    Tuesday, 27 June 2017 14:41

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    OTTAWA-Justin Trudeau was back on the nose its broken promises and the pitfalls that have marked the last session of parliament, Tuesday, by taking stock of his government. Overview of the issues that have attracted attention during a meeting with the parliamentary press, then that begins the summer break.

    A deficit for the good of Canadians

    The return to a balanced budget is not for tomorrow, the prime minister said. According to him, the spending in the “transportation, innovation, and assistance for workers, the elderly, and students” are needed to boost the canadian economy. During the election campaign, the liberals had promised to experience a deficit of $ 10 billion, to then find the balance in 2019.

    A sniper star to ” celebrate “

    Officially, Canada’s role in Iraq is to educate and train the local troops and not to fight at the front. However, we learned last week that a sniper in the canadian broke the world record for the longest shot in military history by shooting down an insurgent of the islamic State at over 3500 metres. For Justin Trudeau, this feat should be “celebrated” and is entirely consistent with the canadian mission.

    No risk to the national security

    The sale of supplier of military equipment Norsat to chinese interests concern the opposition, but also of american officials. But Justin Trudeau is adamant : their fears are not unfounded. “We would not have approved the investment if we were not sure and certain that there is no risk to national security. Point to the line “, has he hammered.

    A mission of peace that makes us wait

    Justin Trudeau has confirmed his intention to engage Canada in a new peacekeeping mission of the united Nations. To this announcement has been postponed repeatedly in recent months. “Canadians expect that if we send troops to Africa where else, this is the right way and to actually help “, explained the prime minister.

    A broken promise… because of the opposition

    This winter, the liberals have broken their promise’s flagship change to the electoral system. We had explained at the time that no consensus had emerged during discussions with the opposition parties. But Justin Trudeau admitted yesterday that the reform should go strictly by the adoption of the mode of election of prime. The latter, as favoured prime minister, was rejected during consultation. “There was no opening of the other political parties. And I didn’t want to use my majority to the House of commons to impose an electoral system “, he said.


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