Trudeau opens the door to put NURSING homes under the canada health Act

Trudeau ouvre la porte à placer les CHSLD sous la Loi canadienne sur la santé

OTTAWA-The prime minister Justin Trudeau has raised the possibility of putting NURSING homes under the auspices of the canada health Act, Friday, as the crisis of the coronavirus, wreaks havoc in these institutions.

“Maybe we could have a reflection [to know] if our residences for seniors should be part of the health system and are governed under the canada health Act”, he said during his press briefing daily.

A government source later said that Ottawa should board not at all on such a scenario at this time. It was explained that the idea is only part of a series of discussions that will need to have the federal government with the provinces in the months to come, after the crisis.

This statement by the prime minister comes at a time when Mr. Trudeau should discuss with the premiers of the provinces by teleconference, on Friday night.

Adding conditions to the transfers for health?

The canada health Act lays down the conditions to be met in order for provinces and territories can affect the transfer of federal health.

“If we materialize the idea that Mr. Trudeau has expressed today, perhaps, that it amend the law to come and say that, in order to obtain funding, it must meet certain conditions in connection with the way things are going in NURSING homes,” explained Patrick Taillon, a professor of law at the Université Laval.

The note of Mr. Trudeau seemed stung to the quick by the prime minister of quebec, François Legault, who has pressed his vis-à-vis rather increase the amount of its transfers in terms of health. This application is shared for several months by all of the provincial premiers.

“When the health care system has been put in place, the federal government was funding 50%,” said Mr. Legault regretted that the contribution of the city of Ottawa is since increased to 23%.

“So, if I have one request to make to Mr. Trudeau, is that he will return to 50% and we will take care of managing the network”, he thundered.

The opposition parties fustigent Trudeau

The chief bloquiste has jumped into the fray by accusing the federal prime minister to engage in any confrontation on the sharing of skills at a time of crisis where the collaboration must prevail.

“We expect the PM to hand over the record straight and reaffirms that health is an exclusive jurisdiction of Quebec”, a-t-on, hammered in the office of Yves-François Blanchet, stating that he spoke with Mr. Trudeau on Friday.

The lieutenant conservative for Quebec, Alain Rayes, went there a reproof similar.

“What poor judgment of Justin Trudeau to take advantage of the current crisis to criticize the management of the quebec health system and to interfere in the jurisdictions of Québec, including NURSING homes, he pestered. It should rather work as a team with Francois Legault.”

For his part, the professor Taillon can’t understand why Mr. Trudeau has chosen the same moment to raise such a point.

“It is in times of crisis. This is the time to find solutions in the short term and in the short term, the federal government’s powers are extremely broad to deal with emergency situations”, has he supported.

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