Trudeau still in a hurry to explain his respect for areas of jurisdiction

Trudeau still in a hurry to explain his respect for areas of jurisdiction

The issue of health transfers and concerns about federal interference in areas of provincial jurisdiction returned to the table on Friday on Parliament Hill.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has defended his plan to develop national standards for care in long-term care facilities.

“There will surely be an element of money and we will be there to talk about how we can help financially, but we also know that the systems we had in place were not adequate across the country for good. protect our seniors, ”he said when pressed for questions about this initiative which appears in the Speech from the Throne presented this week.

He argued that a “conversation” about the different standards that exist from province to province was needed to ensure better services for seniors who suffered during the COVID-19 crisis.

Prime Minister Legault and his counterparts blasted the federal Liberals on Thursday for having privileged in their Speech from the Throne “new initiatives of limited duration” which fall within their fields of jurisdiction rather than committing to increase transfers. in health.

The speech setting out the federal government's major priorities notably puts forward a project for a pan-Canadian network of daycare centers and a universal drug insurance plan.

“We will continue to focus wholeheartedly on Canadians, along with the premiers and the provinces to provide the necessary support [to citizens],” Trudeau offered Friday, insisting that he respects the fields of skill.

Mr. Trudeau also did not advance on a date for the meeting promised for this fall with his counterparts to formally discuss their request to increase the federal share to 35% for health costs.

In the House, it was Quebec lieutenant Pablo Rodriguez who had to explain himself, followed by the Bloc and Conservatives.

“Our elders are not a paragraph or a line in the Constitution. They are not a jurisdiction or a field of jurisdiction. These are human flesh and blood who suffered more than anyone during this pandemic and we will be there for them, “he argued, accusing his political opponents of” creating “a quarrel between Quebec and Ottawa. .

In addition, negotiations surrounding the adoption of Bill C-2, on “economic stimulus benefits” to follow up the Canada Emergency Benefit (CEP) continued on Friday. The Liberals are hopeful that the legislation will be passed before next Wednesday, as that is when the extraordinary pandemic spending powers are due to expire. Once the seal of approval is given, workers deprived of income will be able to apply from October 12 for the period beginning Sunday – the end date of the PCU.

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