Trudeau, the train and the fundamentalism aboriginal

An indigenous community of 3443 people, under the thumb of the 13 kinglets, blocks a good part of the rail transport in the country.

Is it that someone in the federal government will have the courage to stand ?

Is it normal, in Canada, in the 21st century, to endure that the policy decisions of an aboriginal community to be taken by an aristocracy hereditary ?

How to tolerate this political system, stinking in a democracy ? To justify this system of aristocratic arguing that it is traditional is an unbelievable hoax. If I had to give precedence to everything that is traditional, the women would never have had the right to vote. Democracy would not exist.

To those who objecteraient that Canada is a constitutional monarchy, it must be remembered that the monarchy in canada is largely symbolic, while the kinglets of the community Wet’suwet’in exercising a power daily real.

Population tiny

The population of this community represents 0, 009% of the canadian population.

Eight of the thirteen kinglets are in favour of the measures of blockades of rail lines. Five are not. The 20 local elected representatives of the community are not in agreement either.

Is it tolerable that 8 kinglets at the head of a tiny proportion of the canadian population is also bad for the canadian economy?

Because the blocking of the railway will have a dramatic impact on the economy. If it continues, it will lower the GNP of Canada.

It has to be said : the debt or the taxes of all Canadians are likely to increase because of this blockage.

Dangerous Message

More serious, by its inaction, the canadian government sends a message to aboriginal communities that block the economy of Canada is an action correct and justifiable to get what they ask for. Whether the cause is just or not is here beside the point.

This blockage has several other names : the blackmail, the policy of the knife under the throat or even a casus belli, that is to say, a provocation that can lead the canadian government to use the army to defend the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of all other Canadians.

Report of strength

The policy is a statement of strength. In this case, the community Wet’suwet’en and its allies attempt to exercise a power that goes well beyond their actual power.

In this context, the procrastination and the weakness of the canadian government are unbearable.

The solution

The solution is very simple. The canadian government could threaten to deprive indigenous communities blocking railway tracks, the equivalent of the sums of money they are losing to the canadian economy.

Otherwise, it is necessary to send the police or the army to dismantle the barricades and to stop the 8 kinglets who decided on the blockade.

The railway traffic was interrupted for only one real reason : because the government of Justin Trudeau is intellectually low, and that it is entangled in its ideological beliefs fundamentalists regard to the indigenous peoples.

The wrath world in the canadian population.

The government of Justin Trudeau should realize that he is a minority and that its fundamentalist ideology pro-indigenous not satisfied with that itself.



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