Trudeau’s “frustrated” by the absence of an agreement to prevent the reopening of the Parliament

Trudeau «frustré» par l'absence d'entente pour empêcher la réouverture du Parlement

OTTAWA-The prime minister Justin Trudeau has stated, on Sunday morning, to be close to an agreement with the other federal parties to push back the reopening of the Parliament, scheduled for Monday morning.

“We are very concerned by the fact that we don’t agree with all of the opposition parties not to return tomorrow morning. The situation is that the Parliament is supposed to resume tomorrow morning with 338 members […]. Of course, it is not in a situation where it should be,” said Mr. Trudeau during his press briefing daily in front of his residence at Rideau Cottage.

Justin Trudeau has also admitted to being “a little frustrated” by the difficulties encountered during the negotiations on the resumption of parliament with the conservative Party. “The conservatives are trying to resist this reasonable solution to the problem”, he dropped in referring to the betting on only one session per week with a reduced number of mps in the Commons and, possibly, to establish a virtual Parliament.

The prime minister also defended by arguing that this compromise would allow the democracy to express themselves, both in allowing opposition parties to ask questions and elected officials from voting on projects of law.

“All parliamentarians must not return to the house of commons. Some live in remote areas and will not be able to come back,” said Mr. Trudeau.

“Most of the parties are in agreement. It is only the conservatives that could force us to go back to 338 mps tomorrow morning,” said Mr. Trudeau.

The leader of the conservative Party, Andrew Scheer, has to respond to this topic later Sunday.

Military deployment

In addition, the prime minister announced that the canadian Rangers will deploy even more on the Basse-Côte-Nord, in particular, to Natashquan, in order to assist the authorities in Quebec to control the movement of non-essential due to the pandemic of COVID-19.

“Together, we will get through it. But even if it saves some encouraging trends, it is not going to tell stories. Across the country, thousands of families are experiencing excruciating, of heart-breaking stories,” expressed Justin Trudeau, before inviting new Canadians to stay as much as possible at home to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Mr. Trudeau has also recognized that it is not known when the déconfinement may be initiated in the country. “We need to really pay attention, to do it the right way and not done gradually”, he warned.

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