True – it tenth. The main thing is to hint at the hand of the Kremlin

As the customer of murder Sobolev became the citizen of Russia

Правда - дело десятое. Главное - намекнуть на руку Кремля

How lovely this is your Ukrainian Prosecutor’s office.

“The customer of murder Sobolev was born in the Russian Federation”.

Native, you know? Citizenship is not indicated. Place of residence does not indicate. Indicate where he was born.

Because he lives in Ukraine. A citizen will most likely also Ukraine.

But it does not hint at the hand of the Kremlin. And as without the Kremlin’s hands, the more you have to balance the fact that the killer was atoshnik.

Well, the Ukrainian media are generally known dolbnya, and they by the creative interpretation of “born in Russia” has become a “Russian citizen” and even “citizen of Russia”.

Ukraine is Ukraine.
Yuri Tkachev

How anyone, but I also understood. And immediately started singing (to the tune of “Nightingale grove”):

Правда - дело десятое. Главное - намекнуть на руку Кремля

Something chirped in the bushes.
Looked (I’m a curious soul)
You see, on the branches chirp of bird,
Color scheme as the flag of yellow and blue.
Vociferous small Tits
At me askance black eye.
This is our radyanski nice birds
Opens the song over and over again.

And the sadness is carried away W fields,
And longing turns back off shafts,
And forgive klyatih Muscovites!
That man song Roble.

Then I said one eccentric,
That in Russia there is Pozvoni birds.
Probably breshet Yak dogs.
One of them with sincem poranda?
No songstress Muscovites,
Feel free to put the fat against vodka.
The famous Kursk Nightingale
Not good for our soles.


Inside thaws the ice
And understand each other easier heart.
This song takes the soul,
Warm as a glass of vodka with pepper.
Sorry if I did something wrong.
Are you maybe confusing two or three words.
Speak Russian not very good,
My language — Ukrainian mova.

Copyright Merkulov Evgeny

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