Trump and Biden return to campaign after cacophonous debate

Trump and Biden return to campaign after cacophonous debate

Donald Trump and his Democratic opponent for the White House Joe Biden return to the field on Wednesday the day after a first debate in the image of a campaign of rare harshness, but which allowed the former vice-president to 77 years of demonstrating his endurance.

Despite the 90 minutes of cacophony, the Democratic camp seemed reassured by the performance of its candidate who, without sitting down or taking a break, held the shock and showed that he was not the “sleepy” so often mocked by Donald Trump.

“You have seen the authenticity of Joe Biden and his, the contrast …”, welcomed Nancy Pelosi, Democratic President of the House of Representatives, on MSNBC.

“Horror movie”, “worst debate in history”, “fiasco”, “shitshow” (brothel): Commentators did not have enough harsh words to describe the Tuesday night TV show in Cleveland, a debate without any real debate of ideas, to the point that some have called for the cancellation of the other two scheduled for October.

“The ultimate in entertainment,” rapper 50 Cent tweeted. “Impossible to live four more years from this walking disaster,” wrote singer John Legend, who supports the Democrat.

“It was the most chaotic and aggressive presidential debate in our history,” Mitchell McKinney, professor at the University of Missouri and specialist in these meetings inaugurated in 1960, told AFP. “The image given by Donald Trump was that of an irascible president. Joe Biden has avoided blundering or tripping, which would have fueled the Trump-promoted idea that he's too old or not fit enough to be president. “

The 74-year-old president, who returned to Washington overnight, will be meeting Wednesday night in Minnesota, while Joe Biden travels by train to Pennsylvania, making several stops in this industrial region where he covets the workers vote.

In every televised debate, express polls are carried out by the media to find out who has “won”. According to such a CBS survey, Joe Biden would have won slightly, but 69% of spectators were mostly “annoyed”. It should also be remembered that in 2016, Hillary Clinton was declared largely the winner of her three debates against Donald Trump, which puts the importance of these duels into perspective …

The difference with 2016 is that the Democratic candidate, unlike Ms. Clinton, was able to build on the outgoing president's four-year record, and Joe Biden did not fail to recall the 200,000 dead from the COVID pandemic- 19: “We have 4% of the world's population and 20% of the dead” … “He panicked. “

The former vice president called him “the worst president America has ever had”, “clown” and “Putin's poodle”. “Everyone knows he's a liar,” he said.


“There is nothing intelligent in you”, for his part hammered Donald Trump who, in bad shape in the polls, hoped for a misstep from his rival which did not take place, although Joe Biden had stammered several times.

Jaws tight, the leader, who is seeking a second four-year term on November 3, has endeavored to portray the Democrat as a puppet of the “radical left”, whether on health, security or the climate.

If Joe Biden pledged to accept the result of the ballot, Donald Trump dodged him, once again confining himself to asserting without evidence that the postal vote, which promises to be important due to COVID-19, would favor “frauds” and could prevent knowing the winner “for months”.

The leader struggled throughout the debate to regain control, continually trying to interrupt “Joe” until he was firmly called to order by the moderator, Fox News reporter Chris Wallace – who found Wednesday attacked as partial by the Trumpist camp.

“Two against one, it was not a surprise but it was nice,” Donald Trump tweeted Wednesday.

The Republican also drew sharp criticism for his murky response when asked if he was prepared to condemn white supremacists.

“OK Proud Boys, step back and get ready,” Donald Trump replied.

The far-right group Proud Boys, founded in 2016, is linked to several episodes of violence against anti-racist protesters.

The other two presidential debates are scheduled for October 15 and 22. Next week, their running mates Vice President Mike Pence and Democratic Senator Kamala Harris will debate together.

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