Trump and muslims: new restrictions for six other States

Trump et les musulmans: nouvelles restrictions pour six autres États

You probably recall that upon entry to the White House, the president, Trump was made to write to look forward to a presidential decree on immigration.

I remember having criticized the lack of seriousness in the writing of this decree. Before having a genuine discussion on the restrictions, we had to first correct the lack of subtlety of a decree that clearly was the muslims.

The administration Trump has then done its homework and prepared a formulation that is acceptable to the courts, contrary to the assertions of the president, are not in the pay of the democrats. At the end of the month of January, the president returned with measures that will affect migrants from six additional countries.

Already during the election campaign, the president continues to hammer home the issue of security. True to its discourse of 2016, book it once more the goods to his supporters. We can support the administration’s policy or oppose it, but we can’t reproach him to keep his promises and to return politically to a recipe that works.

Opponents of the president will they be once more ask the courts to decide? If it is possible to use legal remedies, the process will be complex and the outcome uncertain. The administration has been more skillful and justifications are more numerous.

The six new countries affected by the measures are of major proportions of muslim populations (except Burma), but Donald Trump does this after certain types of visas. It still allows for nationals of countries referred to visit their family, what to avoid, what are the migrants who want to gain a foothold in the United States.

Despite his firm tone and his controversial policies, the administration Trump can not say that it prevents muslims from entering the United States.

If we note the significant declines in immigration from countries affected by the first decree, the president is far from fulfilling its promise. Muslim immigrants continue to enter and settle in the United States, but there is however an increase of the repression or hate speech in their place.

If the administration has a better put together his or her recent project in order to avoid facing the courts, the fallout may still contribute to inflame passions. A policy carried out essentially according to the referred electoral promotes once more of the division.

Well before the election of Donald Trump, migration policies in america were already among the most restrictive and the most severe, particularly since the September 11, 2001. One refused even sometimes citizens who had put their lives on the line to support the us intelligence services. The immigration was many things, but certainly not a colander.

As for the construction of its wall, the president did not hesitate to challenge the studies and expert opinion. Not only may it engulf unnecessarily millions, but it threatens the social peace in order to satisfy a fraction of its electoral base.

NOTE: The six countries affected by the restrictions are: Burma, Nigeria, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Sudan, and Tanzania

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