Trump announced the beginning of withdrawal of troops from Syria

The US President officially announced the withdrawal of American troops.

Трамп оголосив про початок виведення військ з Сирії

The President of the United States Donald trump officially announced that the process of withdrawal of American troops from Syria, informs Rus.Media.

Trump also warned Turkey against attacks against the Kurds in the territory, which freed American troops.

“We started a long-overdue withdrawal from Syria, at the same time hitting small remnants of territorial Caliphate DL from many directions. Will attack it in the future from existing neighboring bases, if it (the Caliphate – ed.) will recover,” he wrote.

“Russia, Iran and Syria have received more benefits from long-term US policy regarding the destruction DL in Syria. We also had this benefit, but now it is time to bring our troops home. To stop the endless war! “- said trump.