Trump announces a “break” of 60 days of the immigration

Trump annonce une «pause» de 60 jours de l’immigration

WASHINGTON | us president Donald Trump has announced Tuesday a “break” of 60 days on the immigration, which apply to applications for green cards (permanent residents) but not visa-temporary work.

“I’m going to declare a temporary suspension of immigration in the United States,” said Mr. Trump during his press conference daily.

“This break will be in place for a period of 60 days,” he added, specifying that a possible extension of the measure would be reviewed at the end of this period according to economic conditions.

The decree will “probably” signed Wednesday, said the tenant of the White House.

“This pause on immigration will put unemployed Americans first in line for the job as the re-opening of America. It would be unfair for the Americans to be replaced by a workforce coming from abroad”, has he hammered.

“We must give priority to american workers”, he insisted.

Donald Trump had written it on Monday night a tweet announcing a suspension of immigration in terms that are extremely vague.

“In light of the attack of the Invisible Enemy, and facing the need to protect the jobs of our GREAT american citizens, I’m going to sign a presidential decree to temporarily suspend the immigration in the United States!”, had it written.

The first global economy faces to figures unheard of just a few weeks: it has 22 million new registered unemployed.

Trump also wished “good luck” to north Korean leader Kim Jong-un, while stressing that the rumors about his possible health problems had not been confirmed.

“I just want to say to Kim Jong-un that I wished him good luck,” said Mr. Trump.

“If his state of health is the one mentioned in the media, it is a state of great concern”, he added. “No one has confirmed that,” he said. “We don’t know”, he insisted.

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