Trump announces that he will speak to the president Xi on Thursday night

Trump annonce qu’il parlera au président Xi jeudi soir

WASHINGTON | us president Donald Trump announced Thursday that he would be speaking in the evening to his chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, at the time of the outbreak of coronavirus is progressing at great speed in the United States.

The first power in the world now has the largest number of cases reported in the world, ahead of China.

Asked about the crossing of the cape, Mr. Trump felt that this demonstrated the ability of american to perform the tests, and questioned the figures put forward by Beijing.

Mr. Trump stated that the appeal was intended to 21h.

This phone conversation will take place within a context of recent controversy between Washington and Beijing: Mr Trump has accused the authorities on several occasions the communists have been slow to communicate crucial information on the severity of the virus whose propagation could have been, according to him, to be controlled.

The american president like on the other hand repeat the expression “virus chinese” which irritates China. He again defended Thursday the use of this formula, pointing out that the new coronavirus was first detected in Wuhan, in the heart of China.

Donald Trump, however, has seemed to temper its position this week, by calling clearly to the Americans to avoid any act of hostility directed against people of asian origin, which it described as ” great people “.

Mr. Trump has denied Thursday having put water in his wine at the request of Xi Jinping. The chinese president ” never asked me to soften (my language) “, he assured.

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