Trump banned any transaction with the owner of TikTok by 45 days

Trump interdit toute transaction avec le propriétaire de TikTok d'ici 45 jours

The us president, Donald Trump, signed a decree Thursday banning, within 45 days, any transaction with ByteDance, the house-mother chinese social network TikTok.

The head of State is talking about a “national emergency” regarding the application of video light as he accuses, without evidence, to spy on its users in the u.s. to the account of Beijing, in a context of trade tensions and policies with China.

He agreed, on Monday, the possibility that an american group buys TikTok, but before September 15, under penalty of ban the platform. Microsoft is in discussion with ByteDance to negotiate an acquisition at a brisk pace.

The ban also bears against the platform WeChat, which belongs to the giant Tencent.

“As TikTok, WeChat will automatically capture wide swaths of information about its users, thus threatening to give access to the chinese communist Party to personal information on Americans”, in justification of the decree.

The u.s. Senate also adopted on Thursday unanimously a bill that prohibits the download and use of TikTok on any device issued by the government to its employees or to members of Congress.

“TikTok represents a major security risk and has no place on the apparatus of government”, has tweeted the press service of the republican senator Josh Hawley, co-author of the text.

After its passage in the Senate, controlled by republicans, this text still needs to be approved by the House of representatives, democratic majority, so that Donald Trump could then enact.

On Wednesday, the head of american diplomacy Mike Pompeo warned that the United States wished to ban phones americans not only TikTok, but also other applications of chinese considered at risk to the national security.

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