Trump boasts about the ratings for his press briefings on the COVID-19

Trump vante les cotes d'écoute de ses points de presse sur la COVID-19

WASHINGTON | Donald Trump has a great reason for satisfaction: the success, in terms of number of viewers of its daily press briefings on the coronavirus.

“The hearings of my press conferences are so good (…) that the media are going CRAZY”, has tweeted Sunday the american president.

“”Trump touch too many people, we have to stop,” said a weirdo”, he added, making an appointment to the Americans, as almost every day, at 17: 00.

Accusing in another tweet the journalists to wish at all costs the failure of his government in the face of this pandemic, he added: “This will NEVER happen!”

At the daily life of the “working group on the coronavirus”, which was held in the press room of the White House, the billionaire republican goes in turn with explanations on the health emergency to virus attacks against the elected democrats or the purely electoral.

In the Face of these digressions, and to the many approximations of the tenant of the White House on the pandemic, voices have been raised within some of the media to deplore the turn taken by this meeting was designed to inform, explain, reassure.

American chains are moving now in a disorganized manner. If Fox News televises most of the time in its entirety, CBS, NBC and CNN have adjusted the shot these past few days and reverted back to the antenna without waiting for the departure of the real estate magnate.

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