Trump called the report on the surveillance of employees of the campaign headquarters in 2016 historical

The US President did not specify what data will the report of the attorney-General of the Ministry of justice, Michael Horowitz, but expressed confidence that this document will cause “the largest scandal in history”

Трамп назвал доклад о слежке за сотрудниками предвыборного штаба в 2016 году историческим

NEW YORK, November 22. /TASS/. Report to the attorney General of the U.S. Department of justice Michael Horowitz about the reasons for the beginning of surveillance of the employees of the campaign headquarters of Donald trump during the campaign of 2016 will be “historic”. This opinion was expressed on Friday, the President of the United States Donald trump in an interview with the television program Fox & Friends.”Soon to be published report on the implementation of the Law on the monitoring of foreign intelligence (FISA) and he may be said to be historical, – said trump. – This definition is appropriate here”. He did not specify what data will be included in the report, but expressed confidence that this document will cause “the largest scandal in history.”

Throughout the year, the inspector General of the Department of justice has been investigating possible violations in the activities of the special court, which in accordance with the provisions of the Law on the monitoring of foreign intelligence gave in 2016 a warrant for surveillance of a former campaign adviser to candidate trump Carter page. In particular, he considered the question of how the dossier of a former agent of British intelligence Christopher Steele with untested compromise trump’s statements were used as the basis for issuing of permission for surveillance.

As noted by Fox News television, there is still no information about whether Paige is the only employee of the election headquarters trump, behind which shadowing was conducted.Trump and members of his administration repeatedly accused the US security officials that they were shadowing his campaign headquarters. The circumstances of the beginning of this surveillance were the subject of at least three separate trials of the justice Department, simultaneously performing the functions of the Prosecutor General. Administration officials called to find out whether there were irregularities in the investigation of spectracolor Robert Mueller.

The U.S. justice Department on 18 April published the final report of Muller. Spectracolor recognized that any collusion of members of the electoral headquarters trump with Moscow could not be detected. The US President and his aides repeatedly rejected suspicions of any improper contacts with officials of the Russian Federation in the period of the election campaign. Moscow many times rejected allegations of attempts to influence the elections in the United States.