Trump called the vote for impeachment “political suicide” of the Democratic party

The US President considers running the procedure “lawless and politically biased”

Трамп назвал голосование за импичмент "политическим самоубийством" Демократической партии

The President of the United States Donald trump.© Scott Olson/Getty Madenataran, 19 Dec. /TASS/. The US President Donald trump called the vote in the House of representatives of the Congress under the articles of charges against him under the impeachment political suicide of the Democratic party. This statement the American leader spoke Wednesday to supporters in Michigan.”Loafers Democrats openly Express their deep hatred for American voters. This lawless and politically motivated impeachment March is political suicide of the Democratic party. Have you seen my ratings over the last few weeks? This is madness,” he said.

“Today, Democrats in the House of representatives are trying to quash the voices of tens of millions of American patriots,” – says trump, referring to the election of 2016, following which he became President. “It’s you interfering in American elections, you are undermining American democracy, we have done nothing wrong, nothing at all. It’s just an excuse. It you break the law and bring pain and suffering to our Republic for the sake of their own personal and party interests,” he said, referring to Democrats.

The White house also expressed confidence that the speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi (Democrat from California) will now lose their seats in Congress after the elections of 2020. “They [the Democrats] devalued it [impeachment],” said he. “But I do know one thing: tens of millions of Americans are at the polls next year to his vote to unseat Pelosi from her post,” – said trump.He also noted that it is not worried about their future prospects, because it is convinced of his innocence. “I don’t know about you, but I feel great,” he said. “I’m not worried. It’s always good when you did nothing wrong, and against you start impeachment, this probably will forever go down in history,” said the American leader.

The confirmation of charges

The house of representatives approved on Wednesday night the indictment against trump’s, consisting of two articles: the abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. In support of the first item voted 230 lawmakers voted against and 197, including two Democrats, one abstained. The second article was given to 229 votes, was opposed by 198 congressmen, including three members of the Democratic party, another legislator also abstained.

The procedure of impeachment of the head of state was initiated before in the history of the United States only three times. These presidents were Andrew Johnson (in 1868), Richard Nixon (in 1974) and bill Clinton (in 1998-1999). However, Johnson and Clinton were acquitted by the upper house of Congress. Nixon also resigned before the hearings started.

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