Trump calls for an apology from the driver black Bubba Wallace

Trump réclame des excuses du pilote noir Bubba Wallace

Donald Trump has called on Monday to apologize to Bubba Wallace, the only driver black owner in NASCAR, who had caused uproar in the country when a noose was discovered in her garage before the FBI concluded that it had not been the victim of a racist crime.

In June, as protests against racism was in full swing in the United States, Bubba Wallace had found a rope hanging in his garage, before a race of this championship, us car very popular in the south and popular with conservatives.

The federal authorities had promptly opened an investigation, the rope hanged recalling the lynching practiced in the United States during the periods of slavery and segregationist. Full movement Black Lives Matter, the case had an echo in the media is very strong.

But very quickly, the investigation had determined that the rope, even if it actually had the shape of a noose, had been installed in the garage months earlier and that the driver had not been the target of a racist crime.

This conclusion had been widely discussed on social networks, especially among right-wing groups and the extreme right who were screaming at the hoax.

“Is that Bubba Wallace apologized to all these great drivers and leaders of NASCAR who have helped, supported and were ready to sacrifice everything for him, before realizing that it was all just another hoax?”, has tweeted the president Trump Monday morning.

All the pilots had reacted in solidarity, believing the victim of a racist crime, and even after the conclusion of the investigation, the NASCAR was reminded that the noose was real, as was his concern for Bubba Wallace.

“With hindsight, I would have had to use the word +alleged+ in our statement,” was, however, qualified the president of NASCAR, Steve Phelps, which was referred to in a first-time “a heinous act”.

This episode, “and the decision of the flag have caused the worst hearings” tv for this championship car, said Monday the president Trump, referring to the decision last month of the NASCAR ban on the flag confederate of the stands during the races.

Since the death of George Floyd, a lot of protesters take to symbols of the past racist and pro-slavery in the United States, such as statues and flags confederate.

A movement in which Mr. Trump was strongly opposed, calling the move “cultural revolution leftist.”

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