Trump calls to re-open the economy even at the cost of a balance heavier

Trump appelle à rouvrir l’économie même au prix d’un bilan plus lourd

PHOENIX | The american president Donald Trump called on Tuesday, with strength to re-open the economy even if this would increase the balance sheet of the pandemic Covid-19 in the United States.

“I’m not saying that everything is perfect. […] Is it that some people are going to be affected? Yes. But we must open our country and we need to open it soon, ” quipped the u.s. president from a factory Honeywell respirators in Phoenix, Arizona.

Interviewed shortly after on ABC News, he showed himself to be even more explicit. He thinks that ” lives will be lost to open up the economy “? “It is possible that this happens, because we will not be confined in our houses,” he replied.

If the United States had just reached the milestone of 70 000 deaths related to the coronavirus and could reach 100 000 before the start of the month of June, the White House focused for several days, her message on the déconfinement in progress.

Evidence of the willingness of the executive to mark the beginning of a new chapter, the vice-chairman Mike Pence has indicated that the crisis cell on the Covid-19, which he directs, should be dismantled in the coming weeks.

Considering that the Americans were ” warriors “, Donald Trump felt that they were ready for this ” new phase of the battle “.

Would it be tempted to say ” Mission accomplished “? “No, no, mission accomplished, this is when it is finished “, he replied.

Kayleigh McEnany, a spokesman for the White House, stated that the medical experts would remain closely associated with the decision-making process. “The president will continue to pursue its approach based on data for a reopening in security “, she stressed.

After you have intimated the contrary, Mr. Trump showed up in the middle of the workers in the factory Honeywell all equipped with masks without wearing one himself, restricting himself to goggles.

“I don’t feel it for me “

At the beginning of April, the billionaire republican emphasized that he did not intend, personally, to comply with the recommendation of the health authorities to wear a mask.

“Wear a mask, receiving the presidents, prime ministers, dictators, kings, queens, and I don’t know… I don’t feel it for me “, he advanced, while all the visits of foreign leaders were already interrupted for weeks.

Mike Pence has been criticized for not having worn a mask when visiting a clinic in Minnesota, in violation of the regulations in place in this establishment. Sunday night, he acknowledged that he had made a mistake.

The displacement presidential himself, with advisors, journalists, members of the Secret Service, was a challenge.

Any person at one time or another close to the president was tested for the Covid-19, has been assured by the White House.

“The president takes very seriously the health and safety of all those traveling to allow her to move around and the proper conduct of the operations of the White House,” noted Judd Deere, spokesman of the executive american.

When asked about the many predictions that do not predict an abrupt contagious diseases during the summer, Mr. Trump has once again defended his decisions since the beginning of the pandemic. “We had everything right,” he repeated.

The balance sheet of the United States conceals very large disparities, as well as in Europe. Big former homes, such as New York and New Jersey, see the contagions down. In Texas, in Illinois or even in the Washington area, the number of new cases is rising. In California and Florida, it is stagnating.

California first u.s. State to have enacted the containment to contain the coronavirus, will begin to relax some of the measures at the end of the week, as the re-opening of some shops.

On her latest trip to Arizona, February 19, for a meeting of the campaign, Donald Trump had downplayed the risk, citing the impending arrival of spring as a liberation.

“I think that everything will be okay “, he said on a local television channel.

“I think that when we get to the month of April, with warmer weather, this will have a very negative impact on this type of virus. We’ll see, but I think everything will be okay “.

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