Trump closes his lecture on a spat with a journalist

Trump clôt sa conférence sur une prise de bec avec une journaliste

WASHINGTON | Donald Trump has ended so abruptly his press conference on Monday at the White House, on a verbal altercation with an american journalist of chinese origin, a lively exchange giving rise to various interpretations.

Weijia Jiang, a correspondent for the CBS born in China but grew up in the United States, asked the u.s. president why he touted the capabilities of the detection of coronavirus in the United States by comparing them to those of other countries, as if it were an international competition.

“Maybe is it a question to ask the China. Don’t ask me, ask China!”, replied Mr. Trump, visibly annoyed.

“Why do you say this just to me?”, questioned the reporter, suggesting that the president had made this reference to China because of its origins.

“I would say this to any person who would give me a question wicked like this,” retorted the master of the White House.

Mr. Trump has denied that Ms. Jiang asked a second question and he has left his desk.


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