Trump deems that the information on the state of health of Kim Jong were “wrong”

Trump juge que les informations sur l’état de santé de Kim Jong Un étaient « erronées »

WASHINGTON | us president Donald Trump on Thursday ruled that information on a possible degradation of the health status of north Korean leader Kim Jong were ” wrong “.

“I think that this information was wrong “, he declared during his press briefing daily on the coronavirus.

“I think that it was a false information of CNN “, he added.

The american channel, quoting a u.s. official, reported this week that Washington “should(have) information, according to which Kim Jong un was” at serious risk after surgery “.

The questions on the form of Kim Jong One has been powered by her absence in official photographs of the celebrations on April 15, the 108th anniversary of the birth of his grandfather, the founder of the regime, Kim Il Sung.

Daily NK, an online media operated mainly by North Koreans who defected, said that the north Korean leader had been operated on in April for cardiovascular problems and that he was convalescing.

The south Korean authorities, however, have downplayed this information. A top official in south korea quoted by the news agency Yonhap said among other things, under the guise of anonymity, that it was “not true” that Kim Jong un was seriously ill.

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