Trump demanded the OPEC to lower the price of gasoline

The President of the United States Donald trump accused the organization of countries-exporters of oil (OPEC) in raising prices for gasoline and demanded to take measures to reduce them.

Трамп потребовал от ОПЕК снизить цены на бензин‍

He said this in his Twitter.

“The monopoly of OPEC have to remember that gasoline prices are rising and they are doing little to help. If anything, they raise prices still higher, while the U.S. protects many of their members for very little money. This should be a two-way process. Lower the price now!”, — said the American President.

Трамп потребовал от ОПЕК снизить цены на бензин‍

This is not the first attack trump in the direction of the oil-producing countries-members of the cartel. Earlier in April, the American President expressed his outrage at the high prices for the resource and promised that the United States will not tolerate this. Statement trump appeared immediately after the adjournment of the meeting of the monitoring Committee of OPEC and several non-OPEC to reduce oil production.

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