Trump dismissed one intelligence official involved in his indictment

Trump limoge un responsable du renseignement impliqué dans sa mise en accusation

Washington | Donald Trump announced on Friday that it was part of his duties as a intelligence official who had played a central role in the complaint at the origin of the impeachment of the american president.

In a letter to the intelligence committee of the Senate, Mr. Trump wrote that he has lost confidence in Michael Atkinson, the inspector general of the intelligence services.

“It is essential that I have full confidence in the officials who serve as inspectors general,” said the president in his letter addressed to the two main senators of the intelligence committee, republican Richard Burr and democrat Mark Warner.

“This is no longer the case with the current inspector general,” writes Mr. Trump, without describing the reasons for his loss of confidence.

Mr. Atkinson, 55 years old, had supervised and submitted in August 2019 the complaint of a whistleblower anonymous who said that Mr. Trump had, during a telephone conversation with the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, attempted to gain political staff in violation of u.s. law.

This complaint had been the basis of the procedure of impeachment (impeachment was launched against Mr. Trump by his opponents, democrats in the House of representatives.

The president had been accused by the democrats to have suspended military assistance to Ukraine to force Kiev to provide information incriminating on Joe Biden, former vice-chairman of Barack Obama and a favorite in the nomination race and a democrat in view of the November presidential election.

Mr. Trump and the president Zelensky denied that their telephone conversation had resulted in any pressure on Ukraine on the part of the american president.

Mr. Atkinson at the time had testified before a committee of the House investigating the allegations made by the whistleblower to be anonymous, while the White House did not want members of the administration are heard.

Finally, Mr. Trump had been acquitted at the trial which, as provided by the Constitution, stood in the Senate to a republican majority.

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