“Trump does not care about Ukraine”. That changed the second week of testimony in the impeachment trump

"Трампу наплевать на Украину". Что изменила вторая неделя показаний по импичменту Трампа

Sundland testified cleverly – so that both Democrats and Republicans considered him the recognition of his victoryIn the US second week to continue hearings on the case concerning the impeachment of trump.

And like in the first week, in the testimonies of diplomats and advisors didn’t sound anything sensational that could really threaten the President with resignation.

Any serious allegations and documents on the Ukrainian case does not appear, until the sound a subjective evaluation of the bureaucrats of Washington.

Key witnesses this week, former special envoy Kurt Volker, US Ambassador to the EU, Gordon Lindland, an expert on Ukraine Council of national security of the USA and a native of Kiev Alexander Vindman repeated what was said in closed hearings. But there were some new aspects, in particular, the curious revelations about Ukraine and Zelensky.

“Country” was tried, which showed interrogations of new witnesses in the second week of hearings.

“Zelensky loves your ass”

As before, Republicans and Democrats interpret the testimony of each in its favor. Opponents of the trump each time assured that it was “the nail in the coffin” of his defenders, his colleagues – that this is only words without proof.

The former businessman from Portland Sandland who donated to the inauguration of the trump one million dollars, was appointed Ambassador to Europe a year ago.

Sandland was considered a supporter of trump, and was directly involved in the Ukrainian business and knew about the contents of the call trump Zelensky testified so cleverly that there was a joke about how his name fit to replace jokes about Rabinovich. He was able to speak so that both Democrats and Republicans believe his testimony of his victory.

Like, like trump, through his lawyer Giuliani sought from Zelensky of the application for initiation of investigation against the former the former President and rival in future elections Joe Biden and his son hunter on the case company “Burisma”. But it was only on the statement and not about the investigation.

“He (Zelensky, – Ed.) was to announce the investigation. He really wasn’t supposed to spend it, as I understood it,” said Sandland.

And such clarification – “as I understand”, “my guess” – sounded the entire interview of the EU Ambassador. In General, he uncertainly answered almost all questions – sort of Yes and kind of no.

On the one hand, Sandland confirmed that trump has delayed military assistance to Ukraine in connection with the case of Biden, but he stressed that this, again, is only his assumption.

A single episode is a phone call trump and Sandland July 26, during lunch, Ambassador of the EU in one of the restaurants of Kiev, the next day after talking trump and see. Sandland that day met with the assistant Zelensky Andrey Ermak, which Kiev was sent to meet with Giuliani in Madrid in early August.

As told by a diplomat from the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine David Holmes, who was also present at the meal, and testified in Congress, heard the conversation of Sandland and trump, who spoke loud enough.

Now, according to Holmes, Sandland Trump reported that Zelensky crazy about him (literally – “the President Zelensky loves your ass”) and will do anything he asks, including to hold an investigation into Biden and about the possible intervention of Ukraine in the previous US presidential election.

Sandland confirmed that such a conversation with trump was, but the details, they say, do not remember.

“Sounds like I really could say such a thing. President trump and talk,” said Sandland.

Sandland spoke with trump about Ukraine. The President of the United States, according to Holmes, allegedly said that he “does not care about Ukraine” and is interested in “big questions” that relate to him personally, obviously, referring to the investigation against Biden.

“He clearly stated during a meeting in may of 2019, he is not particularly interested in Ukraine. Still a lot to be done in order to interest him in this,” said Sandland.

“So You agree that remembers Holmes?”, – said Adam Schiff, the democratic Congressman and Chairman of the intelligence Committee of the house of representatives.

“Yes, I agree. I don’t mind it,” replied Sandland.

Trump himself denied that his conversation with Singledom transferred correctly.

“I spent my whole life seeing people talking on the phone. I now have excellent hearing, and he was always so. I’ve never seen a person who would speak on the phone not on speaker, and I would at the same time able to hear or understand the conversation. I even tried, but it was useless,” wrote trump on Twitter.

Obviously, to mitigate the unpleasant features of see outlined with the words of Holmes servile, Ambassador to the EU sweetened the pill and assured at the hearing that Zelensky everyone liked.

According to Sandland, it seemed to the Americans to “smart, funny and charming”, and they wanted to get him an early meeting with trump that the President found a common language in personal communication.

“Zelensky is not that fawned… don’t want to use that word, but he was friendly and really wanted to work with us. That’s why I told Trump that Zelensky will do anything you ask”, – explained Sandland in Congress.

The trump after the testimony of the Ambassador to the EU said that Sandland told on the phone that he does not want “anything” from Ukraine. He read to journalists written in Notepad with a black marker the text that sounded like a mantra or a panic.

“I don’t want anything. I don’t want anything. I don’t want any services for the service (quid pro quo). Tell Zelensky that he did the right thing. This is the last word of the President of the United States,” reads the note trump.

"Трампу наплевать на Украину". Что изменила вторая неделя показаний по импичменту Трампа

Trump thrice wrote in the notebook that does not want anything from Ukraine

Interestingly, trump disown friendship with Singledom, saying that barely knew him (despite the fact that he “undid” him a million). And Windmane the General said he does not know this.

“Offered to become the Minister of defense”

Wingman – American soldier, a Colonel, a native of Ukraine, who was present during a telephone conversation trump and Zelensky, and in June arrived in Kiev as part of the American delegation to see the inauguration.

In closed hearings, he said about the gaps in the transcript of the conversation, which is a synopsis and not a verbatim transcript, and that didn’t mention Biden and “Burime”.

Now from the new he said that the team Zelensky three times invited him to take the post of defense Minister.

Such a proposal, he said, he did Alexander danyluk, at that time Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine.

“I know soldiers who left the service in order to assist developing democracies in this part of the world. But I’m American. I arrived here as a child. I immediately rejected these proposals. I had not considered them,” said windman.

Later danyluk in an interview with the Daily Beast said that it was a joke.

According to danyluk, “it was obvious” that this is a joke. “We both smiled and laughed,” said former Secretary of the national security Council in comments to the American edition.

Like, wouldn’t talk about such assignment without the direct orders of President Vladimir Zelensky.

Walker is not much of a “friend of Ukraine”

The testimony of Walker, who was expected to, but did not wait for details of meetings Giuliani and Ermak, disappointing opponents of trump. Like, he’s not that “friend of Ukraine,” as he thought, and dancing to the tune of trump.

Walker said that he knew nothing and was not involved in attempts to put pressure on the Ukrainian authorities in the case of Biden. Like, he was aware of attempts to open an investigation against the company Burisma, however, he did not associate this requirement with the name of Biden.

But the former special representative of the “dunked” Ukraine and stated that because of this, Zelensky do not call in the White house. That is actually met trump, because Democrats are convinced that the offer of see in WA there was an investigation against Biden.

“The President was very skeptical. Given the history of corruption in Ukraine, it can be understood. He [trump] said that Ukraine is a corrupt country full of horrible people. They are, in his words, “tried to take me out,” said Walker, citing trump.

Because of the negative attitude towards Ukraine trump even refused to sign a congratulatory telegram Zelensky after his victory in the second round.

Americanist Dmtri Drobnicki also believes that the testimony from American diplomats and advisers shows that trump refers to Ukraine, to put it mildly, with great skepticism.

“His claims were evident: (a) it is a corrupt state (3rd in the list of States), (b) a bad guys with unclear objectives, (b) is a project of his enemies, for a long time governed by these leggings. In addition, Kyiv participated in the international efforts against the candidate, and then President of the trump. Replacement of the President P. President Z. seemed to Trump the lack of evidence that there is now entirely allies and generally nice people.

All this time the foreign policy bureaucracy, the US tried to convince trump. She insisted that Kiev – ally that necessary to supply the money and weapons that all important foreign policy priority. Why? Because it is important from the point of view of pressure on Russia. The need of such pressure never the bureaucracy are not questioned. President trump was raised, and the bureaucracy there. And the bureaucracy continued to push. At the hearings, its representatives directly talked about this. Moreover, they were proud of that attitude.

Trump responded trump. They are my friends now? They are allies of the country I elected to run? So let them prove it! For example, let figure out how the previous administration externally manage these allies, these allies helped my enemies like in 2016 and how this is related to the high posts of the children of democratic politicians in the Ukrainian energy companies,” wrote Drobnicki .

By the way, according to the expert, the so-called informant (whistleblower) from among the staff of the national security Council, USA, who “snitched” on trump, more concerned with Italy. “The Whistler”, according to him, his name is Eric Ciaramella, he is a career CIA operative. And the data for the “bomb” he allegedly received from Windman.

On Thursday at the hearings also made Fiona hill, a former employee of the national security Council and former adviser to trump for Russia. Hill has ties with Soros, but she didn’t say anything specific, only calling the fiction statements of Ukrainian interference in American elections. By the way, hill acknowledged that she was a co-author in 2015, in which she argued against sending weapons to help Ukraine and that Obama has denied Ukraine the weapons for “political” reasons.

To sum up, while the evidence base for impeachment trump is not very strong. Of course, the hints of Sandland and Volcker, we can assume that the US President had indeed demanded that the Ukrainian investigation into Biden’s son, and interference in American elections. And we can even assume that military assistance to Ukraine had been suspended because of this.

But direct evidence is still not shown. Given that the Senate majority Republicans for them it is a weak argument in order to dismiss from the post of President of its leader.

So now, obviously, the Democrats will try to inflict maximum Trump fashion done. In this, not in the hope of impeachment, and is, apparently, the main sense of what is happening.Alexander Kharchenko

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