Trump doubles potential trade war with China

President trump said Thursday that he will consider the question of whether to raise duties on products of China. The size of the additional tariff of $ 100 billion.

Трамп подвоює потенційну торгову війну з Китаєм

It will exacerbate a potentially dangerous trade dispute with Beijing.

Trump said in his statement that he answered “unjust retribution” on the part of China, which released on Wednesday the list in the amount of $ 50 billion of American goods, which would suffer from tariffs, including soybeans and pork. The move was a direct response to extra duties on Chinese goods worth $ 50 billion, which the White house described on Tuesday.

“Instead of trying to correct his misbehaviour, China decided to cause harm to our farmers and producers,” said trump, adding that he had instructed trade representative of the United States to determine if this was justified even $ 100 billion. U.S. tariffs and “if Yes, specify the products on which to impose such tariffs.”

The ad appeared the next day after some of the councilors Mr. trump tried to calm markets and ease concerns about a trade war between the two biggest economies in the world, noting that the tariff threats have become the first step in the negotiation process. Trump said in his statement that the potential for new tariffs will not interfere with the discussion with the Chinese “protection of technology and intellectual property of American companies and American people,” but any new tariffs is unlikely to facilitate this difficult task.

This step – vanguard high-stakes aims to convince China to support and get him to make the changes they desire to see in the United States – namely, the reduction of tactics of coercion.

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