Trump dream always to send military to the border with Canada

OTTAWA, The Trudeau government tries to dissuade the us administration to send troops to the proximity of the u.s.-canadian border in full pandemic of sars coronavirus. Thursday night, Donald Trump said in a press briefing he was thinking always to send soldiers near the u.s.-canadian border.

“Canada and the United States have the border non-militarized the longest in the world, and it is in our interest of the two countries to keep it like that,” was thundered the prime minister Justin Trudeau on Thursday.

The deputy prime minister asked by chrystia Freeland has added a layer describing a possible action in this sense of “not necessary” and damaging for diplomatic relations between Canada and the United States.

Several media reports, based on anonymous sources, that the White House considers the possibility to send about 1000 members of the american army in thirty kilometers from the border with Canada.

According to the Global network, these soldiers would not have the power to make arrests, but would use sensors to electronic to identify any irregular path to the border and would pass on information to border agents.

According to the us weekly The Nation, sending soldiers, if it goes ahead, would last until 30 September.

Nobody wanted to, on the side of the canadian government to confirm such information, Thursday.

“We are discussing a possible decision and it is completely inappropriate on the part of our country to talk about internal conversations [the us administration] with respect to a decision that is not supported yet”, stressed Ms. Freeland, who has preserved the record of diplomatic relations between Canada and the United States.

She has even insisted on the fact that Ottawa was “firmly opposed to this “proposal” and that its diplomats are working to clearly express this position.

The number of cases of COVID-19 has exploded in the United States lately. Thursday, the John Hopkins university in were 79 785, not far from Italy, which is the epicenter of the pandemic, with 80 589 cases.