Trump feykometchik, or As the Americans al-Baghdadi was killed

Трамп-фейкометчик, или Как американцы Аль-Багдади убивали

The President of the United States Donald trump addressed the nation with a statement, saying that the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi eliminated the us military. Great news, tell You be mistaken. Al-Baghdadi has many times killed, then fit the expense to lose.

Why trump reported it now? Just the US military needs to leave Syria, ahead of looming elections. The American President wants success and big achievements, and foreign policy.

In Russia, overseas news heard, analysed and properly appreciated. The authors TG-channels “Mediatechnology” and “Major General” wrote that in Syria once again killed the leader of ISIS nanegalito. Following the destruction planned for mid-2020. To familiarize with the murder of the Americans presented a vague video.

Al-Baghdadi already twenty times killed, and he is resurrected. It is likely that trump tells tales both Americans and the international community, hoping that the latter believe in the heroism of American warriors.

Of course, not without foreplay. 12 hours before your treatment trump posted a message on Twitter that there was something big. An Open Secret! Everyone knew what it plans to boast the leader of the American nation. However, the play was played without a hitch.

“Brave” American soldiers drove al-Baghdadi as the dog in tonelle while cowardly terrorist shat in my pants and was blown up by a suicide bomber’s belt. Something like that! Yes, there were still the dogs and the robot for the kit.

Russian media community message trump took skeptical. Well, did not impress journalists and bloggers in Russia American clowning.

The same opinion is shared by Deputy Director of the Institute of history and policy of the Moscow state pedagogical University Vladimir Shapovalov. He says the American statement strange. On the death of al-Baghdadi trump said when his administration was accused of letting the Syrian positions and the abandonment of the Kurds to their fate. And, most importantly, surrender to Russia.

Such coincidences are not accidental and even suspicious. US intelligence agencies played in favor of the White house, because everybody in the world believe that the Americans did not fight with the ISIL terrorists, and promoted only their own interests.

Journalists of national news agencies have analyzed the information received from different sources on this case and came to the conclusion that the statement trump just fake.

First, the Pentagon gave no warning about the beginning of the operation to eliminate the leader of ISIL, and U.S. helicopters are unable to fly unnoticed to the village of Bashir, to sweep al-Baghdadi. They could knock down or Turks or terrorists. Recall that al-Baghdadi with his bare hands did not take: he was fortified with a hundred bodyguards.

Secondly, the leader of ISIS is not the first year on the run, and certainly not suicidal. The vest – just an American myth. Al-Baghdadi definitely had an escape route.

Thirdly, no evidence, no witnesses, that there had been a suicide bombing.

Fourth, if he blew up himself, then why the airstrike? After this bombing did not find traces of DNA to confirm that the leader of ISIS wiped off the face of the earth, together with their wives. For DNA analysis, which supposedly proves that the victim – it is al-Baghdadi, many questions.

Fifth, no video Americans carried out the operation. Trump claims that everyone saw with their own eyes, but to present the evidence not. This situation reminds nothing?

Sixthly, the leader of ISIL – a US created under the supervision of the CIA to destabilize the middle East region. Such puppets just don’t get: a lot of resources and effort invested in them.

Therefore, al-Baghdadi were evacuated, and the operation to sweep, as political scientist Andrew Tarusov, it’s just a hoax.

Oh, and finally, the seventh argument: the elimination of al-Baghdadi was a chance for Washington to restore its reputation. The white house needs a victory.

However, in the history of U.S. intelligence, there are many other impressive elimination of terrorist leaders. So, who was killed in 2011, bin Laden lived quietly under house arrest near Islamabad under supervision of Pakistan’s intelligence agencies. In Washington knew about it and eliminated by Obama right before the elections(!).

Trump follows the same path? Probably hid al-Baghdadi in a quiet place before the election, to then revealing to Bang it again. In Russia, by the way, this nonsense is not believed.

Moscow criticized the statement by Donald trump, remembering how he used to do business American partners. Therefore, there is no doubt that the death of al-Baghdadi is a myth created by Washington.

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