Trump fiasco– the Iraq questioned the reliability of USA

Трамп терпит фиаско– Ирак усомнился в надежности США

Americans continue to suffer failure in the middle East. After the American military contingent fled ignominiously from Syria, leaving Kurdish fighters to the mercy of Turkey, the United States has lost the confidence of Kurdistan. But Washington thought he might be able to bury themselves in Iraq in order to figure out what to do next.

However, the United States now run the risk of getting hit, that said, from where did not wait. The Iraqi leader Barham Saleh, who is considered “Pro-American leader”, he suddenly questioned the fact of the reliability of Washington as a partner. The President of Iraq stated that the stability of the United States now being questioned very seriously, which is why many allies have questioned the continued cooperation.

Interestingly, Saleh also several times noted in an interview to the media that it is considering “restructuring” of relations with Iran and Russia. The words came six days before trump said about the “liquidation” of the leader of ISIS in al-Baghdadi. What does it mean? It is possible that “terrorist number 1” is still in good health, because this is the ninth time the U.S. claim about his death, and Washington just once again went to the bluff to somehow raise your fading image.

However, this does not really help, because the allies still fear the departure of American forces from the Middle East. Of course, there are among the partners of Washington and those who believe in the death of the leader of the “Islamic state,” but significantly the balance of power in the middle East it is not changing. The United States selectively “destroyed” the terrorist, but the rating continues to fall, so even if Iraq taking part in the cut Syrian oil, suddenly questioned the loyalty of Americans.

Next to trump in this region, the situation could become even worse if America’s allies do not want US holed up in their territory, while experiencing distress.

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