Trump has accused Democrats of totalitarianism

Трамп обвинил демократов в тоталитаризме

The President of the United States Donald trump accused the Democrats of totalitarianism and predicted economic depression in case of victory of their candidate in the presidential elections in 2020.

Speaking at a rally of supporters in Louisiana, trump noted that Democrats “suppress disgruntled, slandering the innocent, destroy legal standards.”

According to him, they also “organize show trials and are trying to overthrow American democracy to impose its socialist agenda”.

November 3, trump accused the Democratic party of the United States that it initiated its impeachment, to achieve victory in the upcoming elections, which will be held in a year.

On 31 October the house of representatives of the United States Congress passed a resolution in support of the impeachment of the President.

September 24, the Democrats began impeachment proceedings trump, accusing him of abuse of power and pressure on the Ukrainian leadership.

24 October it was reported that the former us Vice-President Joe Biden has significantly increased its lead over other presidential candidates from the Democratic party.

To support Biden in the presidential election of 2020 would like 34% of respondents, Warren is ready to vote 19% of respondents, and Senator Bernie Sanders received 16% of votes.

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