Trump has called to “reboot America”: and now ?

Trump a appelé à «redémarrer l’Amérique»: et maintenant ?

Donald Trump gave on Thursday to kick off the “reboot America” without setting a clear framework. What will happen now in the first economic power in the world, where the coronavirus continues its ravages ?

The governors at the helm

The american president stroked the dream of a recovery in the marching band. “It would be good to restart with a Big Bang,” he said April 8. Monday still, he was having “absolute power” to impose the déconfinement of the country.

But the scenario is not the one.

Donald Trump has fixed Thursday, the cape but the governors of the 50 States remain at the helm.

Depending on the evolution of local virus, it is they who will decide the timing and the pace of the restart… and that should take the responsibility in case of a resurgence of the virus.

“Everything he does is to walk at the head of the procession “, has annoyed the democratic governor of the State of New York, Andrew Cuomo.


According to the billionaire republican, 29 States relatively unaffected by the virus could very quickly (or even immediately) to lift restrictions.

The first should be States rural dwellers who have taken steps to a minimum as the two Dakotas, Wyoming or Nebraska.

To the North, in the Great Lakes region, most affected, several States are hoping to reopen partially their economy in the next two weeks. “I hope to have some easing on the 1st of may,” said prudent, the governor of Michigan.

The city of Detroit, in the State of Michigan.

States on the front line waiting. The containment has been extended to may 15, in the State of New York, the epicentre of the pandemic with almost 13, 000 dead on 34 000, and in Washington.

“It is not at all ready” for a déconfinement, “said Friday the governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan, who foresees a “peak” of contamination the next week in the capital region.


“We have a plan to restart the Ohio, but it will be gradual, one thing after another “, has tweeted the governor, Mike DeWine.

Florida will re-open some beaches for a few hours as soon as Friday, and parks and restaurants may follow soon.

Texas will reopen its parks on Monday, and the shops will be able to reconnect with the sales, delivery or collection of packages in a week. But the pupils will still not class-rooms before the summer.

In the State of Washington (north-west), the giant aerospace Boeing account gradually resume production next week.

A recovery is under surveillance

The experts repeat that it is necessary to be able to monitor the resurgence of the virus and respond quickly where necessary, through capacity-massive screening and an effective program of tracing their contacts.

The United States has suffered major blunders at the beginning of the pandemic with insufficient testing, but have made major efforts since. More than 3.4 million people have now been tested.

“Capacity is still insufficient “, has however lamented Andrew Cuomo, which calls for federal aid to the States.

With regard to the identification of persons having crossed the sick, the applications on mobile phones are in the study. But Tom Frieden, the former director of the u.s. Centers for prevention and disease control (CDC) estimates that it will need to recruit massively for about 300 000 ” tracers of contact.”

“Their work will be a return to the foundations of public health: talk to people, treat the patients as if they were VIP, earn their trust, help them remember “, he explained to the AFP.

The issues

From the start, Donald Trump has displayed its impatience with the containment measures that cripple the economy and hamper his re-election campaign.

In the beginning of the month, he wanted to raise them for Easter. He then ravisé, but does not cease to deplore the cost to the companies and the employees of the shutdown of large swathes of the country.

In fact, more than 22 million people are registered as unemployed in the past four weeks, retail sales fell by 8.7%, construction real estate 22.3%…

Across the country, protesters, relatives of supporters to the right of the president, gathered in recent days to demand an end to the containment.

Blowing on the embers of the fire, Donald Trump called it in a tweet on Friday to “RELEASE” the Michigan, Minnesota and Virginia, three States governed by democrats.

But according to a Pew poll released Thursday, two-thirds of Americans say they are worried about a lifting of the restrictions too fast.

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