Trump, his contacts unreliable and… Montreal

Trump, ses accointances douteuses et... Montréal

Several commentators have noted that Donald Trump used a vocabulary that resembles that of a mafia boss. The New York Times wrote that Trump often speaks as a character from the movie gangster “Goodfellas by Martin Scorsese featuring Robert de Niro.

The magazine The Atlantic is estimated that Trump has the state of mind, the mentality of a mafia leader: “In his statements, Trump made proof of contempt for the rule of law and honors the criminals who refuse to cooperate with the forces of the order. It does nothing less than raise the ideology of the gangsters to the rank of supreme principle.”

Trump has acquired its mentality and its expressions mafia of the sleazy new york lawyer Roy Cohn, who was a close associate of senator Joseph McCarthy in his “witch-hunt” communists of the 50s.

This is where the term Witch hunt that Trump repeats to no end about all the allegations made against him. Friend, mentor and legal counsel to Trump, Roy Cohn was also of the princes mafia new york, of which Carmine Galante.

Galante was established in Montreal in the early 50’s to take control of the clan mafia of the Cotroni and their profitable involvement in the international drug trade with bandits corses. This is the beginning of the famous French connection. Deported from Canada, Galante was finally assassinated in 1979 while he was sitting in an Italian restaurant in Brooklyn with a cigar in its beak. Roy Cohn attended his funeral.

The archdiocese of New York had denied that the ceremony took place in a church, having regard to the criminal history of the character. The Archdiocese of Montreal is much more pleasant to the mafia murdered who are all being welcomed in churches for religious ceremonies before you go to hell. Trump has also maintained links with the mafia in the construction field in New York and then at his unsuccessful attempts to settle in the area of the Casinos in Atlantic City.

The long-time friend and dedicated supporter of Trump, the boxing promoter Don King, also ladle as famous, gave a speech at his side during the presidential campaign of 2016. It has also been seen with him at Mar-a-Lago, the private club-home of Trump in Florida.

The relationship between Don King and the organized crime have been the subject of numerous investigations over the decades, particularly in connection with two murders. Questioned by a committee of the u.s. Senate in 1992, about his links with the mafia, King refused to answer, invoking the 5th amendment to the constitution which protects against self-incrimination.

Which brings us back to Montréal and to the middle of shady. In October 1985, the lawyer and activist, liberal, Frank Shoofey was shot dead with five bullets. He was the lawyer of the brothers Hilton. Shoofey was opposed to what his clients sign a contract with Don King. The latter had convinced Frank Cotroni, the godfather of the mafia in montreal, give him the exclusivity of the Hilton. Don King was suspected of having ordered the murder. The crime was never solved.

Oh, I forgot, another unfortunate coincidence links Trump the world’s ladle in montreal. He has been a student at the New York Militairy Academy like Tony Accurso: “It doesn’t mean that because we went to the same school we think the same”, he blagué in addressing the jury at his trial in 2017.

Accurso says that he has never been in business with the mafia or himself to have paid a “pizzo”. In a conversation recorded by the police, the contractor called the son of the godfather, Nick Rizzuto “my friend” Accurso admitted before the Charbonneau commission that the “godfather” Vito Rizzuto frequented his restaurant Onyx in Laval.

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