Trump impeached on the eve of Christmas

Трампу объявили импичмент накануне Рождеств

© AP Photo / Evan VucciПалата representatives of the U.S. Congress proposed the impeachment of President Donald Trump on two counts – abuse of power and obstructing the work of Congress on impeachment. So, trump became the third President in history to be impeached. However, how and his colleagues in misfortune – Andrew Johnson and bill Clinton – all evidence that prior to the ouster by the Senate it will not come.The Democrats have announced investigations into impeachment at the end of September. The occasion was the complaint of the informant in a phone conversation trump with the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. Anxiety unnamed intelligence official scored in the concerns that the leader of the United States asks the head of a foreign state to initiate an investigation against his political opponent – former Vice President Joe Biden on the background of the freezing of almost 400 million dollars of military assistance to Ukraine. Democrats stated that this way the President has violated the Constitution and threatened the national security of the United States.Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said that he had handled the Affairs of trump on Wednesday. The leader of the country told my friend that he is doing well, except that he was impeached.Historical moment does not look so grandiose in the house of representatives, where for 11 hours sat and debated Congress. Most sat in their phones or talking to neighbors. It is obvious that none of the parties were not interested to hear the arguments of the other.View of the conference room from the balcony where sat the journalists, too, looked rather dull: most of the seats were empty, the congressmen came and went only for their own short statements. At this stage, no one tried to convince his opponents of the other party – all statement on camera was done in fact for their constituents in the districts.The revival came at the end of the day. Approaching the final stage, the hall was filled with (as the congressmen down, and journalists at the top). Congressmen have become more reactive to presentations of their colleagues – with loud applause or severe “Boo”.
The speaker of the house of representatives Nancy Pelosi his whole appearance emphasized his own words about what impeachment is for her tragedy, not joy. Pelosi was in a simple black dress with a single decoration — a brooch in the shape of an eagle, the heraldic symbol of America. Opening formal debate on impeachment, she said that Democrats were not the initiators of the incident. According to her, she opens the debate on impeachment “with all seriousness and with sadness.””It is tragic that the actions of the President did impeachment is necessary. He left us no choice,” said Pelosi.”The President used the power of their official powers in order to obtain personal political gain at the expense of national security,” she said.Also, she said, trump tried to get foreign intervention in elections by investigating against Biden.Speakers for many hours, the Democrats repeated these statements in one form or another dozens of times. Did not differ a variety of the question many Republicans. They denounced the Democrats for failure to comply with legal norms and that they are not allowed to speak to the Republican minority in Congress.
Also, according to Republicans, the Democrats too extensively suited to the impeachment and could equally well declare it to any other President. Many Republicans said the charges against Trump accusations no evidence of “high crimes and misdemeanors” for which it is possible to remove the President.Both parties interpreted in its favor the fact that the impeachment negate the results of the will of the voters. According to Republicans, the Democrats set out to nullify the voices of more than 60 million voters who voted for trump. The Democrats said that you can’t wait until the next election and should be removed immediately trump.”We can’t rely on the next election as a means of protection from the misconduct of the President, at a time when the President threatens the integrity of these elections,” said an influential Democrat Jerrold Nadler.He also reminded the Republicans that in case of removal of the tramp no change of power will happen: the President will become Vice-President Mike Pence, and not the candidate for the Democrats in 2016 Hillary Clinton.Both parties called their actions protection of democracy and the future of the country.

The verdict of the Senate

Although the phrase “declared Trump impeachment” sounds kind of scary to pack your bags and leave the White house the President does not need. Now after the issuance of the charges, the case goes to the U.S. Senate.At the trial in the upper house of Congress the Senate will assume the role of the jury. They will not be able to lead the discussion and will have to listen in silence to the arguments of the prosecutors of the trump of the house of representatives and the rebuttal of the protection of the President.Presiding in the Senate on Vice-President Mike Pence — the person concerned, so that the procedure he will not take part. To lead the process will be the Chairman of the Supreme court John Roberts. At the end of the process will be a vote for trump’s removal from power will require a two-thirds majority of senators is 66. So far, none of the 53 Republicans not going to vote for impeachment.Democrats, meanwhile, are trying to play a new party in the Senate, calling on the process of witnesses, evading hearings in the house of representatives. The leader of the Democrats in the Senate, Chuck Schumer offered to call new witnesses from among current or former senior White house officials, but the Republican majority had blocked the initiative.
As long as everything goes to the fact that the process in the Senate will start after the Christmas American holidays in early January. Interviewees RIA Novosti experts believe that it will take about a month and a verdict could be issued at the end of January.”Long process (in the Senate – ed.) will take six weeks, a short process will take two weeks. If it will start in early January, he is likely to be completed by the end of January,” – said the Agency expert at the Brookings institution, bill Galston.I agree with him his colleague John hoodak., according to which any party will not benefit from delaying the process. The reasons, however, it is different. The Republicans do not want delays in the process due to the possible emergence of new facts or witnesses. Moreover, as noted Hoodak. Republicans themselves don’t know what else could do or say tramp.”The risk of removal of the tramp from the government still exists,” he added.At the same time for the Democrats delaying the process can lead to a forced break in the presidential campaigns senators are currently undertaking, because instead they will be required to attend all Senate hearings.”Delaying the process will not bring them benefit. But if they complete it quickly, they will once again be able to continue his presidential campaign,” – said the expert.Currently, several democratic senators are running for President: Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Cory Booker, Amy Klobuchar, Michael Bennett.Alexei Bogdanov, Tatyana Smilowski.

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