Trump in Michigan: misunderstanding

Trump au Michigan: quiproquo

You remember this call “perfect” between the u.s. president and Volodymyr Zelensky? During this exchange the now famous, Donald Trump asked for a small service to the Ukrainian president, in exchange for american financial aid.

While the president goes to Michigan to visit a Ford plant, a new controversy around a tweet by presidential to the surface. The link with the Ukraine? A blackmail attempt. The vote of Michigan will be crucial during the next electoral campaign and Donald Trump is lagging currently a significant delay on his rival democrat.

In a tweet that it has slightly changed in the future, the us president has accused the authorities of the State to facilitate electoral fraud. Nothing less. How?

By ensuring to check that 7.7 million voters to appear on election day. It checks the coordinates and plans to send ballots by mail. Since the threat of the COVID-19 risk this poses to the vote of the November 3, voters and leaders to promote voting by mail.

If he had first accused the State of sending of ballots, Trump then found his error. Despite the correction, he has maintained a threat to the leadership of Michigan: if you continue to encourage voting by mail, I cut the federal assistance.

At a time when the State needs to manage the outbreak and the recent floods, the threat is coarse. Why stopping the initiatives of the States (they are many) to ensure that maximum voters to exercise their right to vote safely?

Donald Trump relies on a risk of election fraud. If the integrity of the results is actually a concern of the authorities, it is remarkable that the president has referred to two States in its attacks up to now: the Michigan and Nevada. Two States where he pulls up the rear.

In addition to the safety concern, the strategists republicans seem to be convinced that voting by post or by correspondence favors the democrats. They believe they have an advantage if it compels people to travel to record their vote.

Up to now, the courts have rendered conflicting decisions on the issue. In Nevada, you can go forward, while in Michigan, you may recall, for the primary, it had forced people to present themselves to the voting booth.

If you still need to be convinced that the election of 2020 may be chaotic, even historic, this should be done now. It is necessary to rummage in american history far and wide to find an equivalent to the current situation or about as controversial of an american president.

The presidential visit to the Ford factory is also marked by a second small controversy. The leaders of the factory, which now manufactures equipment for use in hospitals, have requested that Donald Trump wears a mask for the occasion. The president has always refused to wear one until now, and the White House still has not confirmed if it will comply with the request.

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