Trump is a tacit ally of a multipolar world order?

Трамп — негласный союзник многополярного мирового порядка?

In Russia, there is the view that the meaning of the concept “America first” is to abandon the project of a world Empire and the return of the spotlight on the situation in America, and the difficulties that confront the United States domestically.In a practical sense, as some believe, in Moscow, Obama can be seen as the American Gorbachev, who began a gradual withdrawal from the most remote sites of the Empire; and thus trump, on the same analogy, is that the Yeltsin regime (i.e., the President, who switched to the domestic arena, getting rid of the burden of the republics that formed part of the Soviet Union).While it remains unclear whether trump so counteracts the notion of coherence (in principle) between the powers. Is an attempt by trump to work with Russia (with simultaneous demonization of China) by the simple device of separating each other of Russia and China that trump was able to triangulate their interests between (split) China and Russia, and thus is an integral part of the project to extend American hegemony, or not? Or pursued any other goal? In fact, it is obvious that this principle of divide and rule will not work until between presidents Putin and XI remain a good relationship. Both leaders understand the Trinity, and both consider the consistency between the powers as a necessary requirement for their countries.Or the constant efforts by trump to reach out to Russia somehow connected with his ideas about how the United States could quietly go from overly expanded Empire to something more modest, in the framework of the multipolar structure?Trump knows that his electorate isolationists wishing to put an end to the endless wars. On this he built his campaign. Thus his approach “maximum pressure” against Iran is a substitute for actual war?Looks like Iran thinks so: as the leaders of Iran and Hezbollah is quite strongly argued that the tensions will not lead to war. In this game Russia plays a key role: she’s trying to find a balance between Iran and Israel (at least not yet).Wherever on the globe we looked, American policy strengthens the Pro-sovereignty: Iran, Russia and China. Is it a coincidence or deliberately? As one Russian observer, “conservative trends trump and his profound predisposition to isolationism put it as our objective ally (ie Russia and China). He is the one who contributes to the realization of our project.”It should work consistency powers. But will it? Or will end as catastrophically as the efforts of Yeltsin, bringing down the American economy?And, as a last suggestion: could it be that what is happening between trump and si is similar to the Iran game? Don’t stress if trump “maximum pressure” and threatened a cold war with China in order to replace a real war, in which deep state of pleasure it involves, but what the trump has no intention of doing?There is a tacit understanding that China helps in breaking trump bubble in the stock market in the United States, whereas trump, in turn, mentions about Hong Kong? Exchange in the style of good old consistency powers?And will the Congress of the United States, with its bill of both chambers, designed to return a map of Hong Kong at the negotiating table, destroy tacit cooperation trump the creation of a multipolar order?

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