Trump is going to resume its rallies of the campaign here two weeks

Trump va reprendre ses rassemblements de campagne d'ici deux semaines

The us president, Donald Trump, is planning to resume within two weeks his raising of campaign interrupted by the outbreak of coronavirus.

If the principle is acquired, the location of these gatherings and the conditions, in particular health, in which they will be organised have not yet been arrested, said it learned on Monday from his campaign team, confirming information of Politico.

According to the magazine, the president and his team are convinced that the huge demonstrations against racism that took place these last days through the United States will make it less audible criticism of his opponents on a resume that some see as premature.

Donald Trump has never hidden that he was looking forward to find seating campaign. He hammered for several days that the american economy will set out again of more beautiful.

Commenting on Friday’s surprise drop in unemployment in may, it was estimated that the United States had “largely overcome” pandemic COVID-19, which continues to make around a thousand people each day in the country.

“The Americans are ready to go back to the action, and the president Trump, too,” said his campaign manager, Brad Parscale, quoted by Politico.

“The great comeback of America is a reality, and the gatherings are going to be fantastic”, he added.

“You will see again the crowds and enthusiasm that Sleepy Joe can only dream”, he added, in a reference mocking Joe Biden, democratic opponent of Donald Trump for the presidential election on 3 November.

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