Trump is ready to fight with Turkey and Iran

Трамп готов воевать с Турцией и Ираном

Attempts by trump to protect the Kurds declines middle East to new catastrophic consequences. Such a conclusion can be come based on statements like Secretary of state Michael Pompeo, and the President of Donald trump.

First, with reference to the American leader said that the United States will be ready to start military actions against Turkey in case the need arose. The trump has threatened Iran, adding that if he ever do something, then it would be a blow that never struck. However, what the US President sees the unacceptable actions of Tehran, he did not explain, saying only old artificially created the scandal with the attack drones are not refineries in Saudi Arabia.

By the way, this is not the first time trump allows himself such threats. Previously, he promised to “fire and fury” to Pyongyang, when there was a missile crisis. Fortunately, promises to inflict “unprecedented impact”, and have remained mere words. But what Washington has decided to spread threats throughout the Middle East?

Obviously, to save the remnants of the Kurdish terrorists from the anti-terrorist operation Turkey, which is supported by Russia and, again-taki, Iran. But if Moscow, the Americans can not oppose anything, the allies decided to fight the threats. For now, Syrian Kurdistan on the brink of destruction, and it is the only bridge through which States can have at least minimal control over the situation in Syria.

In addition, the success of anti-terrorist operation will strengthen the position of Iran and Turkey throughout the Middle East, followed by a further loss and so shaken the authority of the United States. Of course, in a stalemate, the US didn’t particularly want to admit it. However, given that the two countries should ally in the face of Russia, it is unlikely the threat will move further threats in words, as in the case of the DPRK.

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