Trump is urging Congress to adopt the new aid plan for SMES

Trump exhorte le Congrès à adopter le nouveau plan d’aide aux PME

Washington | Donald Trump has called on the u.s. Congress to adopt a new aid plan, which should mobilize approximately $ 300 billion to support SMES hit by the crisis linked to the COVID-19, object of intense negotiations between democrats and republicans.

“I urge the Senate and the House to adopt this new text, which should, in addition to funds for small and medium-sized businesses, unlock a new skin for the hospitals and improve the capacity of detection of the coronavirus, has tweeted the republican president.

Donald Trump has promised to us in the same tweet to promulgate this law once it has been approved by the Congress. A message that could convince the republican members of parliament still refractory.

The leader of the minority democrat in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, had said earlier Tuesday that an agreement had been reached with the White House plan for this assistance.

But republicans, who control the Senate, still have not officially confirmed this agreement.

The text could be voted on in the Senate as early as Tuesday afternoon, during a session scheduled from 16: 00. To pass, it must be approved unanimously, so it is important to ensure that no votes will oppose it.

It should then be submitted to the vote of the House of representatives, controlled by the democrats.

Steven Mnuchin had detailed Sunday, the main points of the agreement, citing a budget of $ 300 billion for SMES, instead of the $ 250 billion originally proposed by the republicans, as well as 75 billion dollars to hospitals and emergency services, and $ 25 billion to increase the capacity of screening, two applications of the democrats.

These funds will be added to 349 billion already spent to support SMES, which had been approved by the end of march in the framework of a historical level of 2000 billion of dollars of support to the u.s. economy.

Once this new form of aid to SMES will be adopted, parliamentarians will want to negotiate a new comprehensive plan to support the u.s. economy.

Donald Trump has detailed some of its major priorities for this new plan, in his tweet Tuesday.

“After I have signed this act,” assistance to SMES, he wrote, “we will begin discussions on the upcoming legislative initiative, which will include cuts to the budget for States/local communities to offset the revenue lost because of the COVID-19, investments are absolutely necessary in infrastructure for bridges, the tunnels, the high-speed network, tax incentives to restaurants, (the areas of, editor’s note) entertainment, sports, and reductions in payroll taxes to increase economic growth”.

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