Trump lost the battle not only for Nord stream-2

Трамп проиграл битву не только за Северный поток-2

The last three years the United States fought for every inch of the pipeline Nord stream-2, which is being built from Russia to Germany.Fighting escalated towards the end, when Denmark a few months delayed permission for the laying of the pipeline.I never thought the day would come, and the United States will eventually stop the pipeline. The reason is simple. Europe, in particular Germany, need gas, and in Germany there is no good reason to eventually give in if she wants in the 21st century to remain at the forefront of the world economy.Russian gas are simply too cheap to compete someone else’s liquefied natural gas.In a sense, this pipeline is a Declaration of the independence of Germany after seventy years, determine its policy with the United States. Do not forget that Germany is an occupied country, where the remains of about 50 thousand soldiers of the U.S. army.Poland was the tip of the American spear in this battle, first declaring illegal the joint venture of Gazprom and 5 European oil and gas companies Wintershall, Uniper, Royal Dutch Shell, OMV and ENGIE, and then the pressure to amend the rules of the European gas transit.Today SP-2 fully owned by Gazprom, where the above 5 companies — investors-creditors who have invested 9.4 billion euros in loans, and not partners, all thanks to the intervention of Poland.And even give them, President Putin has the money for this pipeline — it is only three weeks from the trade balance of Russia.Poles have their own reasons to oppose the SP-2, and these reasons — and Angela Merkel, as she will be happy to replace the gas going through Ukraine, arrives in Germany with gas to keep Poland on the control on the issue of EU integration. Quotas in SP-2 will control Germany. This is one reason why the poles rested against the pipeline and intend to generate independent delivery.In the end, the administration trump probably spent more money on opposing this project, which Gazprom has a cost of its construction, if we consider all the steps that have been taken to counter Russia in Ukraine, Afghanistan, Syria and in Europe in General.And the goal was always to stop SP-2 to give Ukraine leverage over Russia in their negotiations on a new gas transit agreement, which expires at the end of 2019 — at the same time when the SP-2 must be completed. Now, when permission is obtained, Ukraine has no real leverage in negotiations with Russia on gas transit.The gambit was to delay SP-2 and then apply to Gazprom to court for something that he has not fulfilled commitments on amounts of supplies. Then, like a white knight who was supposed to be US and save Europeans from the cold of death.Fortunately for the world, that plan failed.The history of pipeline a happy ending, because despite the ridiculous talk about European energy security, nothing provides long-term peace in Europe than the linking of the continent with Asia energy pipelines.We broke what didn’t need fixing. But obsessed with the desire of the US/UK to stop the development of China and the revenge of Russia for the fact that it does not become a vassal state of wall street and the city of London won’t come true.One strong impetus for chaos in Central Asia, and Nord stream-2 was only one of a number of tasks, such as Syria, war in Donbass, the invasion of Yemen and the isolation of Iran.All these projects are coming to an end and the geopolitical map will now be changed forever.Further development of the Nordstream 2 means that the President of Ukraine Zelensky quickly decide on the transit contract with “Gazprom”. He already made “the formula of Steinmeier” to resolve the conflict in the Donbas.He will meet with Putin and risk a coup by Bandera, in order to achieve this. It needs to do, or Ukraine will not survive.Stay miraculously Poroshenko in power and Ukraine would continue to sink into chaos under the control of the United States that would keep her on this path promises success someday, in the future.Thus, the future flow was set in stone years ago, when Poroshenko’s rating began to slide into the abyss.Moreover, trump has lost the advantage over Merkel in the field of energy, which means a quick change of policy towards Russia. When the problem of Donbass will be solved and gas contracts will be signed/extended, and SP-2 is finished, expect failure of the EU anti-Russian sanctions and restoration of normal trade relations.The failure of the project SP-2, and none of these unresolved issues will not be resolved in the next five years.That’s why Nord stream-2 is so important for the future of Europe, and it proves that the pipeline and mutually beneficial trade, and even more than that, a political Union are a more powerful weapon than all the tanks in the world.And I’m glad trump lost the fight.

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