Trump made its size an argument of the campaign

Trump fait de sa taille un argument de campagne

When Donald Trump demeans (literally) his enemies by mocking their stature, it makes his waist is a weapon, and recalls that, in us policy in the large tend to earn.

The american president, who would 1m90, taunts regularly the size of the democratic candidate Michael Bloomberg, whose medical certificate assesses the size to 1m70.

But in his tweets and interviews, Mr. Trump takes a good 10 centimeters, affublant that other billionaire new yorkers – who is richer than him – a nickname unflattering to ” mini Mike “.

He has also called many elected officials ” small “, so that they were not even. He had also seemed very upset when republican senator Marco Rubio had attacked the size of his hands (considered small) when the primary of 2016, which had prompted him to declare that he had “no problem” in size.

“This is not typical of what the presidents,” says Gregg Murray, a political science professor, who has studied the role of size in the vote of the American people.

Play on his stature can be a weapon as another election period – a stature more imposing that can reflect more strength – but Donald Trump has a way of him to do that, add this teacher to the university of Augusta, Georgia.

The last few presidents (Barack Obama, George Bush and his son, Bill Clinton and even Ronald Reagan) were all more than 1m80, and the subject seems to interest the public.

During a debate in the primary in 2016, one of the main searches on Google was not about the program but about the size of one of the republican candidates (Jeb Bush, son and brother of leaders. 1m90, if you were wondering).

“It is widely proven that people large are more likely to have a job more important in an organization “, regardless of the country, ” says Abraham Buunk, a university in the netherlands who has written a study in 2013 on the size of the u.s. presidents.

According to his study, ” the advantage of the major candidates is without doubt a matter of perception: the presidents of the largest are rated by the experts as ‘the best’ presidents and as having more leadership and communication talents. “

Mr. Buunk explained that the idea to study this aspect of the life of american presidents came to him when a canadian academic who thought he was great – came in exchange to the netherlands and ” felt rather in the medium.”

“We decided to explore the psychological effects of size, starting with the jealousy,” he said to the AFP.

Advantage to the great ?

According to the research of Gregg Murray, the us elections between 1789 and 2012 – where have presented themselves as men – the largest of the two candidates has won 58% of the time. And 67% of the time, he won the popular vote.

“The large men, in general, think they are better qualified than others to lead and therefore tend more to put themselves forward “, analysis-t-it.

Women are generally smaller than their rivals are male with disabilities, develop it, since it does not look ” physically impressive “, then that voters often look for candidates outside the norm.

This year, democrat senator Elizabeth Warren stands out due to its meter 72, larger than the average women.

But there are exceptions. The young democrat moderate Pete Buttigieg does not seem, for the moment, to be handicapped by its size lower than the average of american men (1m75).

And the numbers can lie. The 190 centimeters claimed by Donald Trump could be exaggerated to two centimeters, if one believes his passport.

The photos from the debate republicans 2016 shown for example clear a small bit, but when even Jeb Bush.

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