Trump made the impeachment, and he’s happy. Russia win

Трампу сделали импичмент, и он счастлив. Россия в выигрыше

© RIA Novosti / Ilya PitalevMarathon debate on the impeachment of Donald trump lasted in the U.S. Congress more than six and a half hours and ended with the vote which the supporters of the removal of the President from office won with a crushing score — 230:197.No matter what the outcome of the second and final act of the tragic and comic history of impeachment, it is now clear that the actions of the organizers of the “coup attempt” (so called procedure for its own dismissal by trump) will have far-reaching consequences.Some of those consequences were discussed in Congress during yesterday’s debate, and about other, much more serious, can speak only external observers that do not involve corporate or ideological ties of solidarity with our American colleagues. The most important and paradoxical consequence of the operation of the organization, impeachment is that its proponents have worked in the interests of the Russian Federation, and did so incredibly effectively. If you take the entire history of impeachment, from the “investigation of trump’s conspiracy with Russia” during election campaign and ending with accusations against the American leader because of his telephone conversations with Zelensky, it is impossible not to notice that the desire of the Democratic party to remove the President at any cost has resulted in the discrediting of two key narratives of American domestic propaganda.
If the Democrats were not trying to sculpt out of the blue from trump such “billionaire KGB agent,” that no efforts of Russia to American infopole could never lead to such a serious growth of friendly relations to it among Republicans and the U.S. military. This phenomenon was to a degree common, even “Radio liberty” and the Pentagon has begun to sound the alarm: “Voice of America”, the organ of American propaganda, which can hardly be suspected of sympathizing with Russia, reported two weeks ago that “while most Americans still believe Moscow is the key enemy of the United States, new polls show that view is changing, especially among military families. The second annual “Study of national defense Reagan”, completed at the end of October, revealed that almost half of the surveyed households associated with armed forces, that is, 46%, said they consider Russia an ally. In General, the survey showed that 28% of Americans believe Moscow ally, compared to 19% in the previous year.”This is not the result of a breakthrough of Russian propaganda over the past year, but rather a consequence of the attempts of impeachment: after spectacular Mueller presented his report on the conspiracy trump and Russia, part of the American military probably came to the conclusion that they and the Russians have a common enemy — the American deep state, which sends the us military in geopolitical adventures around the world and which would like to see a real war with Moscow. Nothing so brings together as common principled opponent.The second victim of the impeachment is already becoming a narrative that Ukraine is a Bastion of young European democracy, which at any cost needs to be protected from North of Mordor (i.e. from us). The impeachment has attracted the attention of Americans to what actually the leaders of the “young Ukrainian democracy” engaged in corrupt schemes with senior members of the Obama administration, and is incredible: super conservative influencer and host a primetime political show with millions of viewers Tucker Carlson says that in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine have to side with Moscow. During yesterday’s debate on the impeachment of tens of millions of Americans would live to hear and see the speech by Congressman Louis Gaeta (ex-judge and ex-Prosecutor), who outlined all of the known Republican party corruption episodes in which Ukraine was involved in the administration of Barack Obama.
This, recall, was the house of representatives, and in front of the Senate. In the Senate during the debate on impeachment will happen the same. It is significant that when Congressman Gaeta accused that he is spreading “Russian propaganda”, he literally shouted at his opponents than likely has caused wild delight petranovskaya audience. The charge of “Russia” and “spreading Kremlin propaganda” has ceased to be a universal gag to gag and argument, the trump card that has won any argument. Now for those who continue to use it, already angrily shouting, and soon they will start to laugh.Another important consequence of the attempted impeachment is the death of the myth that the media in General, and more especially the American, are all-powerful and that he who controls the leading publications of the country, without restrictions to brainwash the voters, especially if we use the most advanced methods of propaganda and social pressure. The most popular theory of the political and social propaganda (and, admittedly, it is rational) is that if society is constantly present some examples and ideals of conduct (with the use of advertising, opinion leaders and stars of show business), as well as to shame him for deviations from that pattern (e.g., accusations of racism, the Kremlin or hatred of the ecology of the planet), then this society can do anything at all. This scheme, in principle, works quite effectively: the average American from 1970-ies in horror would have recoiled from the modern American society in which the rights of various minorities have long turned to their dictatorship. Moreover, the same scheme, but in a slightly more sophisticated variant, played an important role in the ideological and propaganda victory over the Soviet Union, which culminated in the betrayal of the elites and the fact that Vladimir Putin called the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the XX century.But this approach ran into a limitation, which is that if a large enough segment of society to demonize, devalue, humiliate, and to require him to pay and repent, then at some point he just says “Oh well” and starts to act in their best interest, completely free from the psychological control of himself.
First, the American propaganda machine (and its Russian tentacles in the face of media-registered as foreign agents and Russian leaders, who had registered as a foreign agent) encountered this problem in Russia. At some point, society embraced the indifference to the opinions and criticism of “controlling democracy and bearers of ultimate truth” of the Washington, Riga, Prague, Moscow and some revisions. Then this indifference gave way to a cheerful excitement on the principle of “if they don’t like, then we’re doing the right thing”. The failure of the Russian direction of our opponents have learned nothing, and now they are faced with a similar problem at home: after over a year of each iron supporters trump and himself rained down accusations of racism, betrayal, misogyny, the Kremlin and just stupidity, the reaction turned out contrary to expectations. As reported by the respected center for the study of public opinion Gallup, “since the beginning of the impeachment, the ranking of the trump grew by six percent.”The TV in this case has lost not fridge and basic self-respect that part of America, which still refuses to sprinkle ashes on themselves and crawl to the cemetery due to the fact that she’s white, likes to eat meat and not very fond of political correctness. Moreover, over the past few months, according to the political polling aggregator Real Clear Politics, most Americans had come out against impeachment.The great machine of political propaganda of the American “deep state” has stopped working.
However, the most important consequence is the complete and final demolition of the American institutional system of political compromises. In the past, in spite of occasional exceptions to this rule, the electorate of both parties could expect that (if all political disagreement) Democrats and Republicans will wage political conflicts in accordance with the rules laid down by the founders of the United States: no personal vendettas, no use of security forces to pressure or spying on opponents, there is no persecution of their families, any attempt to imprison opponents because of their political position. And generally the fight for the podium of the Senate or the Congress never interfere with personal friendship in his spare time. In this sense, American politics resembled the professional American hockey: fights and blood on ice, friendship and respect — beyond. This system is now completely broken, supporters of both parties dream of the physical elimination of opponents, which they just do not believe friends or fellow citizens — and in the literal sense of “nonhumans”. Trump hints at the possibility of civil war and dreams of the Democrats to plant the current President on the electric chair, and his family and supporters to jail — it is just the indication of total dehumanization, which never ends well.One of the congressmen-Republicans yesterday compared the impeachment with the court of Pontius Pilate, and trump actually with Christ, but this is clearly the wrong metaphor.For the United States is now in a much more appropriate other biblical words, namely: “Every Kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand”. American political she signed the verdict of his country.Ivan Danilov

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